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Jan Gerritsen

On the web, I have been seeing a great deal of confusion between Jan Broersen and Jan Gerretsen.  Both of these men lived in the area of Kingston, New York in the latter half of the 1600s, and both began using the surname Decker.  They were not the same person, and they were not related.  This can be proven through the records, as well as information from a DNA study in which I participated.

There are several items of confusion.  Both of these men had a son named Gerret (or Gaerloff) Decker.  The Gerret who was a son of Jan Gerretsen married a daughter, Grietje Decker, of Jan Broersen.

My original intent was to trace & fill in as much information of Jan Broersen Decker's family as I could find, and I haven't filled in a lot of Jan Gerretsen Decker's family.  But due to the great amount of confusing information I have seen, I have decided to do my best to complete at least the first three generations of Jan Gerretsen's family.  Much of this information is taken from the Kingston Reformed Dutch Church records, as well as information that I can find elsewhere.  I will strive to make sure this information is as accurate as I can, to try and differentiate the families of these two men.

Jan Gerretsen's Family Tree

Jan Broersen's Family Tree

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September 15, 2004