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8/17/2009 - Added Decker baptisms from the Reformed Church (1731-1899) in Rhinebeck, New York.

8/17/2009 - Added Decker baptisms and marriages from the Low Dutch Church at Klyn Esopus (1791-1899) in Ulster Park, New York.

7/10/2008 - Added Decker listings of records from churches in Albany (no Decker entries) & Greene Counties, New York.  Most are from the Prattsville Church in Greene County, New York.  (New Window)

9/14/2004 - Added a list of Decker baptisms & marriages from the German Reformed Chuch/Montgomery Reformed Church in Orange Co., NY.  (New Window)

10/6/2003 - Added a list of Decker records from the Goshen Presbyterian Church (1767-1885) in Goshen N.Y., and a list of Decker records from Marbletown Reformed Dutch Church, Ulster Co., N.Y., including baptisms (1772-1806) and marriages (1796-1859).  (New Windows)

8/7/2003 - Posted list of Decker records at New Prospect Reformed Dutch Church, border of Orange & Ulster Counties.  (New Window)

7/19/2003 - Also added Marriage Records from four Reformed Churches in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York(New Window)

7/19/2003 - Added Marriage Records from four Reformed Churches in Germantown, New York, and Baptism records for the Gallatin Church in Germantown, New York(New Windows)

6/6/2003 - New:  Church records from the Reformed Dutch Church of Guilford, Township of Gardiner, Ulster Co., NY, and New Paltz Reformed Dutch Church (Vol III), Ulster Co., NY.  Also posted a handful of Decker/Dekker records for the Reformed Dutch Church in New York(New Windows)

5/29/2003 - List of Marriages from the Kinderhook Reformed Church, Kinderhook, NY (1717-1899), and also baptisms from the New Hurley Reformed Dutch Church, Ulster Co., NY (1770-1923).  (New Windows)

4/30/2002 - Decker Baptisms, 1782 - 1789 and Decker Marriages, 1727 - 1899, at the Claverack Reformed Church, Columbia County, NY.  (New Windows)

4/15/2002 - List of Decker baptisms at the Shawangunk Reformed Church from 1750-1911.  (New Window)

1/14/2002 - Added a list of Decker/Dekker baptisms at the Linlithgo Reformed Church, Livingston NY (1722-1829).  There are 230 entries.  (New Window)

12-8-2001 - Added a list of Decker/Dekker baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston NY (1660-1809).  These records were entered as found barring any unexpected typos.  This list includes baptisms for Jan Broersen and Jan Gerretsen.  There are 280 entries.  (New Window)

Bob Billard has posted a complete list of baptisms and marriages at the Kingston Reformed Dutch Church and many others at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~rbillard/vital_statistics.htm  (New Window)


August 17, 2009