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Data Files - Military Records

Revolutionary War

12/6/2005 - Deckers from Ulster County listed in Ulster County in the Revolution:  A Guide to Those Who Served; Ruth P. Heidgerd.  (New Window)

12/6/2005 - List of Deckers on 1835 Pension Rolls.  Originally published in 1835 in three volumes as Senate Document 514, Serial Nos. 249-251 (23rd Cong. 1st Session).  Rearranged & Reprinted in four volumes in 1968 by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.  (New Window)

Civil War

1/21/2011 - Civil War Pension Records for Minard Decker, son of Michael Decker and Elizabeth Bovee.  The pension was applied for & received by his widow, Catharine (Eignor) Decker, and includes information on their marriage & children for purposes of obtaining the pension (32 pages).

1/21/2011 - Civil War service records for Lucius H. Decker, son of Michael Decker and Elizabeth Bovee.  Previously I had the transcribed information located in this section, I have now included PDF files for each page received from the National Archives and Records Administration.

3/31/2005 - Civil War pension record for William H. Decker (JPG - New Window) and Lucius H. Decker (JPG - New Window).  They were brothers, sons of Michael Decker(Family Tree - New Window)

3/31/2005 - List of soldiers named Decker from "The Roster of Union Soldiers 1861-1865 who served in the Civil War.  Now updated to include all states.  (New Window)

4/25/2006 - List of Deckers who fought for the Union and died at Gettysburg (1863).  There are five men listed (three from the 80th N.Y. Infantry) with details on their service and death.  (New Window)

See also the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System at http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss/  (New Window)


April 25, 2006