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A Work in Progress (see pictures of each room in progress)


We closed on the house 3:00pm on January 31, 2003.  By 5:00 we were in the house removing the wallpaper in the living room, a process which completed somewhere around 11:00pm.  Saturday & Sunday were spent putting up the new wallpaper (top part), and preparing the family room for carpet, which arrived today, and will be completed tomorrow (Feb. 4).

The house is very solid, but needs updating here & there and our own touches.


February 20, 2003 - All I can say is ... whew.  It has been a very hectic three weeks.  I can say that the living room is fairly complete, and the family room is not bad either.  It needs furniture, but is now a pretty comfy room.  I wish I could say as much for the upstairs bathroom, and even more so the kitchen.  We almost have a shower (to go with the bathtub), but is proving very difficult to find a drain to replace the one that used to be there.  We've been living here for about a week now, but still half of our stuff is at the other house.  Much moving to do this weekend.  Much to do yet, however I believe that the pace of work will begin to slow down, especially after this weekend.  Sherry's put many hours (days) of work into this place, painting, wallpapering, & cleaning.  It's sure made a difference.


April 11, 2003 - Gee.  What to say?  Will this job never end?  We've gotta run out of rooms sooner or later.  But the big two are coming up - the Bathroom, and the Kitchen.  Not to mention the small downstairs bathroom.  I've got a definite plan for that one.  We're thinking beadboard for the base, with a dark blue above.  And then there's the third floor - which is gonna need some insulation soon before it gets hot out.  And speaking of weather, it'd be nice to have a warm weekend (while I am home) so that I can do some of that necessary painting outside.


June 20, 2003 - The last week has been very busy, with Stephanie's High School Graduation open house, the Decker reunion, and the addition of the swimming pool in the backyard.  The outdoor painting was completed in May - but still plenty to do outside.

March 30, 2004 - Things have been progressing very slowly.  Money, a busy work schedule, and beginning a PhD have really made significant changes hard to implement.  With summer coming, hopefully many changes will begin taking place, beginning with a major update to the third floor bedroom, and fixing the downstairs bathroom debacle (with the wall that buts up to a window.  Time for that pace to pick up again.


April 21, 2004 - The pace has indeed picked up.  Never enough time to do all you want, at least in a timely fashion.  But I have been busy as of late (the last couple of weeks) in, well, demolishing the third floor.  Fairly soon I'll have all the paneling and backer board removed, and be able to clean up the resulting mess (there's ashes on top of the ceiling board, apparently from when the house across the street burned some years ago).  I'm looking forward to putting things back together and watching the room take shape.


September 15, 2004 - I will reiterate once again that there is never enough time.  August was extremely busy at work, with plenty of homework to keep me busy, let alone time to work on the home.  The third floor is progressing nicely, if a bit slower than I had hoped.  Considering that I'd have liked to have it done before June and the hot summer started, I am considerably overdue in completing it.  However, the drywall is going up, meaning that most of the wiring is done, short of installing the outlets and the cool push-button light switches.  With two major papers due in the next 10 days or so, it's time to concentrate my efforts elsewhere for a bit, then it'll be time to concentrate heavily on hanging the rest of the drywall and begin some finishing touches.


February 13, 2005 - The drywall has been up for a while, and has been mudded & sanded.  Recently I finally got around to priming the drywall & getting it ready for paint.  Tonight the first coat of paint went on, soon I'll get the second coat & start working on installing the plugs & switches, along with a couple of wall sconces.  The cedar will go on the ceiling pretty soon also.  Then it may actually seem like a bedroom again.


March 22, 2008 - Wow, has it really been three years since I posted anything on this part of the remodeling?  I guess that as I had gone into details on my one main project, I haven't thought to put much onto this page.  But... as part of moving the house information from the old format to this one, I can see that it obviously needs a few new details.  It doesn't hurt the fact that I haven't been doing much to finish up the bedroom lately, what with the amount of cost and time it will take to finish up the details of the cabinets.  Rather, I have been spending more time on many of the details that don't cost a lot of money, but are sure to change the look and functionality.  One of these has been to clean up & upgrade the wiring in the basement (which first necessitated removing the ceiling), and my current interest in stripping paint off the woodwork in the second floor hall.  I want to have the radiator removed, sandblasted, and repainted this summer, during which I can finish stripping & refinishing the woodwork as well as give the walls a nice color.




April 12, 2008