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January 2010

I've been thinking a lot lately about the things on my to-do list.  Not sure I will get around to some of these, but there have been some ideas that have been nagging at me.

Idea #1:  Football season is over.  In the course of the season, I have noticed how many times the announcers seem to have no clue what they are talking about.  Granted, I've seen this many times over the years, but it just seems to get worse every year.  Of course, I am a fan of the Lions, so with as bad as many of those games are, the announcers tend to be pretty bad too.  And sometimes the officials.  (Several years ago I was a fan of the NFL Refs Suck website.)  A case in point:  In one of the playoff games, Minnesota punted to Dallas, but committed a penalty in doing so.  Dallas made them punt again.  The announcer, Joe Buck, could not understand why Minnesota accepted the penalty, and kept questioning this several times in the next ten minutes.  Nobody else in the booth seemed to want to point out the Minnesota committed the penalty, and therefore it was Dallas that accepted, hence the benefit to Dallas through the whole exchange.  I should just watch with the volume turned down.

Idea #2:  Years ago I watched the movie "Idiocracy" for the first time.  It's premise was pretty simple (and stupid) at the time, but I've begun to see that we are on the path to that future (or so it would seem).  The basic idea of the movie is that, sometime in the future, mankind is pretty dumb.  These two people who were part of an experiment in suspended animation (then forgot about) are re-awakened in this society, and now are the two smartest people in the world.  The whole "Balloon Boy" episode from last year might be just one example of the slippery slope we are sliding into this idiocracy.  (Story #1:  our boy is on the balloon.  Story #2:  We 'thought' our boy was on the balloon.  Story #3:  OK.  It was a hoax.  Don't put us away for too long.  Story #4:  We just said it was a hoax to get into less trouble (Deportation?).  Can we have our TV show now?

These ideas lead me to want to start another website to document instances where these things have occurred.  Such as:  The three guys in Detroit who were spotted stealing $40 worth of Axe men's products, the proceeded to run out of the drugstore & into their car (which was previously reported stolen - seemingly by one of the passengers/participants), smash a police car, drive 90+ miles per hour (the police stopped chasing them due to the speed & danger), then enter the freeway - going the wrong way - and smashing into a tow truck a mile later.  There's just so many things wrong with this story (true) that I can't fathom why they would do this over $40 worth of men's products.

I don't know that I'll ever get around to doing either of these, but they are nice ideas.  However, they also take time, and I don't know that I need another website to maintain - no matter how fun.  Shoot, here it is the middle of February and I am only just now writing about January.


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February 14, 2010