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March 2010

I just returned from a "trip to Florida."  I put it in quotes, as there was much more to this than a trip to Florida.  I elected to drive as this was the perfect excuse (as if I needed one) to visit four Hard Rock Cafes that I had not yet visited, even if I had to drive somewhat out of the way.  :)

Last year when Pam & Dick were in Myrtle Beach I mentioned that if this year they again returned to Florida then I would visit them while they were near Destin, as I had not visited that Hard Rock before.  They were camping the last two weeks of March (before their return) at Sunset King Resort near De Funiak Springs.  Perfect.  This also gave me an excuse to drive somewhat out of the way (not too bad) and visit the Hard Rocks in Biloxi, Memphis, and St. Louis.  Interestingly, I drove through the Louisville and Nashville areas to get there, places I drove out of the way to go to last year.

Shortly before I left (March 24) I got the brainstorm that Lynchburg, Tennessee was not far out of the way - and I should stop at the Jack Daniel's Distillery on the way down.  It was less than an hour out of the way, and was well worth the stop.  It was the favorite part of my trip, overall.  The smell in the mellowing room was fabulous.  It was raining a little bit, but not enough to dampen the tour, and gave me the opportunity to steal the guide's jokes about the distillery being in a dry county.

Following this I spent two days visiting at the campground, one of which we visited the Hard Rock in Destin.  After I left on Sunday, I headed to Biloxi for that Hard Rock, and wandered around on the waterfront.  The weather was great.  Monday I made for two more Hard Rocks, Memphis and St. Louis, and along the way I also made a stop at the Arch.  It was evening so I wasn't able to go up inside, but got some great pictures and enjoyed the stop.  I had planned to return in the morning for the ride inside, but decided that I needed more time on Tuesday for the one big genealogy side trip and I didn't want to fight the rush hour traffic.

So on Tuesday, the trip took its final change, when I went to Morgan County, Illinois to photograph a number of Decker graves around the city of Jacksonville.  I've been researching the line of Deckers who lived here for several generations, and had planned this trip to make sure that I had the opportunity to add some genealogy aspect to it, and this turned out to be very productive.

Seven days and 2600 miles of driving, the overall trip turned out to include a lot of different stops for various reasons, and was very rewarding overall.  Now, I have to document my findings.  Oh... and go back to work.


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April 2, 2010