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May 2010

As for May, there's really only one thing I can write about:  My trip to Milwaukee to get a new (used) vehicle.  I've been looking for a while to figure out what I wanted, and got really serious in May.  This is where it got difficult, as I figured out exactly what I wanted, then figured out that the nearest place to go and get one was in Milwaukee, which isn't as close as the web sites kept telling me - since I had to cross Lake Michigan to get there.  But I did it, and I am happy that I did.  A recent search for the same thing came up just about as empty, and I love my new ride.  So.. here's my journey from Bay City, Michigan to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to pick up (and see for the first time) my 2007 Dodge Durango Limited.

On May 25 (after test driving a very similar 2007 Chrysler Aspen) I called the dealer and put money down on the Durango, with the first opportunity to be able to go get it being the following Friday, May 28.  That gave me a few days to get the paperwork all arranged, etc.  Then on Friday I had a friend drive me the 3 hours to Muskegon so that I could catch the Lake Express Ferry across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee.  Sure beat driving through Chicago to get there.  Considering the amount spent on the Durango, the cost of the trip (including the ferry & hotel) was easily worth it.

This was my first trip on the either of the Lake Michigan ferries, and everything went very well.  Being it was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend (I assume), the ferry was full going across.  As we neared Milwaukee, I went up top to take some pictures.

Getting near the dock (above).  I had a ride arranged through the dealership to take me to the north side of town where my Durango awaited, all shiny and beautiful (below).

Since the ferry arrived at 11:45, and then left again at 12:30 (Central Time), I new that I would have to spend the night in Milwaukee, so I had already reserved a room at the Wyndham Milwaukee Airport Hotel & Convention Center.  I like to take pictures of the rooms that I stay in so that I can post a review on Tripadvisor.com.

The next morning I just had to get some pictures of the Durango outside the hotel.  I was still enjoying the feeling of owning it, and looking forward to showing it off.

After breakfast at Denny's, I worked my way over to the Lake Express Ferry dock to get my truck back to Michigan.  I was the second one there with a vehicle for the 12:30 crossing (plenty early), and then was in the front of one of the rows to board (and park in the middle).

Notice the temporary Wisconsin license.  Never thought I would have one of those.

The view out the back of the boat (above) as we neared Muskegon. 

Here are the lighthouses as we headed into the passage for Muskegon Lake.

Heading up the passage the ferry passes the naval museum and the submarine (above & below).

Back to the Durango to drive it off the ferry & drive home with a smile.


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June 9, 2010