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Cemetery Pictures - David Decker Collection

(All pictures were taken by David Decker)

Gettysburg National Cemetery





Lucius & Minard Decker



Sergt. M Decker, Co. C Regt. 20


Sergt L. H. Decker, Co. K Regt. 20

Ellisburg Cemetery, Ellisburg, New York

Parents of Lodema Kibling (w. of Isaac W. Decker)??




William H. Decker, 1847 - 1923





Isaac W. Decker, Lodema E. His Wife, years hard to read


From another angle, death appears to be Mar 30, 1894


Harley Decker, Died May 5, 1920, Aged 37 yrs, 10 mos.

(Son of William H. Decker and Jennie Freeman)


Elizabeth (Bovee), wife of Michael Decker.  Difficult to read.


Willie A. Converse (Convis), son of Foster & Mary Etta (Polly) Decker



Polly, wife of James Convis, Died May 14, 1884, Aged ?3 years, 6 Months, 17 Days

Hattie Convis, daugh. of F&M Convis (dates unreadable)



Our Father, James Convis, Died Mar 23, 1865, Aged 76? Years - Father of Foster Covis?


James M. Convis, Died July 13?, 1869 (sp. of Rachel W. Decker)


Rufus Converse & Thera Rogers (his wife)

Lakeview Cemetery, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin





Benjamin E. Decker, Co. K., 24th N.Y. Infantry






Sarah E.,  w. of Charles W. Adams, June 18, 1855 - Feb. 8, 1925

(Daughter of Peter Decker and Sally Pool, g. daughter of Myndert Decker)


Charles W. Adams, 1849-1931

Saxe Cemetery, Ellisburg New York

Ira Graves & Mary Decker


Mary E., wife of Ira Graves, died May 16, 1872, aged 69 years


Ira Graves, died July 26, 1864, aged 74 years


Sarah, wife of Minard Decker, died July 4, 1854, aged 83 years


John M. Decker, died Dec. 5, 1852, 56 years

Phebe, his wife, June 27, 1873, 67 years


John D. Decker, died Dec. 29, 1861, aged 16 years, 6? mos. (son of John M. Decker and Phebe [Sturdevent]

Onesquethaw Union Cemetery, Albany Co., New York


Jacob Decker, died Jan. 9, 1840, aged 49? years

Sarah Bovee, his wife, died Jan. 7, 1887, aged 80 years

inscribed on back of Jacob & Sarah:

Minard Decker, died June 8, 1895, aged 76 years

Abram B. Decker  (unsure who this is)

Hubert Decker who departed this life this 23 of Jan 1864 10 Yea, 9 Mo and 27? Da  (must be son of Minard Decker & Hannah M.)

Millards Prairie, Hillsboro Wisconsin



Sally Pool, (nearly illegible, w. of Peter Decker)


Peter Decker (nearly illegible, d. in 1864)



Peter Decker plot


George Board & Martha (Stower) Board - unsure of any relation


Fernando & Lucinda Board - unsure of any relation

Eidsvold Cemetery, Thorp Twp, Clark Co., Wisconsin

Sayles, Mother Blanch (1879-1954) Father Arthur (1880-1967) [Blanch Decker, daughter of Benjamin Elliot Decker and Julia Jennings]


George H. Sayles, father of Arthur?

Elroy City Cemetery, Juneau Co., Wisconsin

Adeline M. Webb - dates obscured (birth 1835?) [Adeline daughter of Peter Decker and Olive Pool]

Webb [obscured by moss]

Ida A., 1861 - 1952; Bennie F., 1866 - 1952

Charles H., son of C.W. and A.M. Webb, died Sep. 29, 1861 [broken headstone]

Zion Church Graveyard, Pierrepont Manor, Jefferson Co., New York



Justin Jennings, Amy M., his wife (unsure of any relation)


Jennie E., wife of W. H. Decker [strongly suggesting that William H. Decker married two different women named Jennie - see Ellisburg Cemetery above]


April 29, 2005