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Elva Lucina Ward Album

These pictures were taken from an album owned by Elva Lucina Ward, daughter of Harriet Decker and Abiram Laverne Ward.  This album is now in the possession of Sharon Poole Sherrick.  There are more pictures in this album (which I have photocopied), however these are those that are labeled as Decker's and descendents of Samuel & Mary Lovina Barber.  Some of these pictures are unlabeled, but their position in the album suggests who they are.  The two pictures of Decker boys look similar to the other pictures of George, Charles, and/or James.

As far as I know, we now have pictures of not only Samuel & Mary Lovina, but also all their children.  James Franklin Decker's  pictures are here.  There is the possibility of one more child, who may have died young, that we are investigating.

Samuel Decker & Mary Lovina Barber with Charles Decker

Believed to be Harriet Decker (Ward) with oldest daughter Abigail Lovina Ward.

George W. Decker

Charles W. Decker

Unlabeled - Perhaps Decker Brothers

Unlabeled - Perhaps Decker Brothers (second one)

Elva Decker (Davis)

Unlabeled - Maybe Elva Decker

Labeled Elva D., I believe by Sharon Poole Sherrick.  Would be Elva Decker.

Elva Decker & Minnie Davis (would later be step-daughter of Elva)

Abiram Laverne Ward (married Harriet Decker)

Abigail Lovina Ward (oldest daughter of Abiram Laverne Ward and Harriet Decker)

Abigail Lovina Ward and Clara Ward (born 1888) -Sisters

Myra Ward - she was born 1876
  The pictures below were received from Karleen Gnatowsky, items she received through the family that belonged to Elizabeth Ward Stacey.

Reported to be Nettie & George Decker

[Elizabeth (Ward) Stacey's Relatives - Aunt & Uncle Nettie & George Decker]

In Memoriam


Harriet A. Ward - Died October 24, 1897, Aged 44 years

Interred in Greenwood Cemetery, Wilson NY, October 26, 1897

Officiating Clergyman - Rev Benj M. Nyce

Bearers - Fred Moor, Wm Holmes, Joseph Lockwood, Lorenzo Pratt, Charles Frasee, John Wright

Negative image of memoriam for Harriet A. Ward (above)


January 2, 2010