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Wood Decker Album

The pictures from this album were received from Virginia Loewe in February 2009, with the notes on its origin (below) and descriptions of each picture.

"The Decker album was labeled by Shirley Wood.  Subsequent labeling was done by Trish Butler (she makes her 'o' like a triangle).  The album was acquired by Virginia Decker Loewe from Trish Butler of Michigan in 2006."


"The single sheet that lists the contents by page number was devised by Rebecca Ott so that it would be easier for us to comment on the various images in the album.  There are no page numbers in the book but there are about 40 pages and we gave the page number 1 to the first person who appears in the album.  This is the father of Experience Martin Baker, who married Uri Decker."

[Click on the picture to view it full size.  Note:  These are large pictures and may take a bit to load.  Each picture will open in a new window.]

Pages 0-1

1.  Joseph Martin Baker

Pages 2-3

2.  Uriah Decker; tintype

3.  Experience Martin Baker;  tintype

Pages 4-5

4.  Charles Thomas

5.  Sally Thomas

Pages 6-7

6.  William Wood

7.  Adeline (Addie) Decker Wood

Pages 8-9

8.  "looks like Grandma Wood only older" (written by Trish Butler); tintype; same clothing and hair style as #3

9.  unknown woman; full length shot; standing next to pillar, J. W. Aldrich, Adrian, Mich.

Pages 10-11

10.  Clark Decker in Civil War Uniform

11.  Emma Finch Decker

Pages 12-13

12.  Irene (Rene) Decker Turner

13.  Freddy Turner; died in infancy; brother of Mary (Mate or Matte) Turner Driscoll

Pages 14-15

14.  Sidney Decker; tintype

15.  Charles (Chub) Decker; tintype; son of Sidney Decker

Pages 16-17

16.  George Fleming; J.A. Foster; Artist, Adrian, Mich

17.  Missing Picture of Alzora Decker Fleming; can see the back of #18

Pages 18-19

18.  Clark Wood; Hoag's Art Gallery in Adrian, Mich

19.  Melville (Melly) Wood and unknown friend; tintype

Pages 20-21

20.  unknown man with beard; back has tax stamp with 1864 date; taken in NYC


21.  unknown boy looking left

Pages 22-23

22.  "Gram & Willie, my Dad" (I think the young woman is Willie Wood's mother, Isabelle Decker Wood; She would be Shirley Wood's grandmother)

23.  baby pix of Willie Wood; Hoag & Powell, Maumee St, Adrian, Michigan

Pages 24-25

24.  Missing

25.  unknown boy sitting on table in dress; feet on chair (hair is parted to side --> boy)

Pages 26-27

26.  unknown boy sitting on a stool; tintype

  27.  missing

Pages 28-29

28.  missing

29.  Melville Wood as boy; bow tie; tintype

Pages 30-31

30.  Melville Wood as young man; plaid tie

31.  "Grandma Wood" probably Isabelle Decker Wood

Pages 32-33

32.  Willie Wood in white dress in stroller or baby seat


33.  Willie Wood in chair with fringe; tintype

Pages 34-35

34.  Willie Wood with plaid skirt; tintype


35.  Willie Wood as boy, hands crossed on chair arm; tweed jacket; J.A. Foster Photographer; Rooms over A.B. Park's, Maumee St. Adrian, Michigan

Pages 36-37

36.  Willie Wood as boy; looking slightly left


37.  Willie Wood as baby in dark dress

Pages 38-39

38.  unknown girl in dark dress with hand on table; tintype (hair parted in middle --> girl)


39.  Mate Turner Driscoll (mouth similar to #13 --> Freddy would be her brother)

40.  Martin Luther (family joke) last picture


Inside Cover and First Page

Photos of Album


February 9, 2009