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Decker Journey Wallpaper

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  This has long been my favorite picture that I took.  Taken while at a training session in Honolulu in February, 2002, this picture overlooks Waikiki beach, only two blocks from my hotel.  (826 x 583  121KB)

This is a picture of "The Decker Barn" taken on October 9, 2005.  This barn, with the road running through it, is located in Schoharie County, New York. 

(2048 x 1536  1266 KB)

This picture, also taken October 9, 2005, was of a mill in Claverack, New York.  Walking down the slope of a bridge, I found the perfect touch of color to add to the foreground.  (2048 x 1536  1154 KB)
Taken on the first day of the Decker Family Association Reunion (October 6, 2005), this picture looks up the Hudson River in Albany, New York.  (2048 x 1536  1190 KB)
Most directly reminds me of the most unusual part of the trip home.  While stopping to look for directions, we saw a covered bridge to the left, which led to the Schoharie Cemetery, a Revolutionary War re-enactment, and directions to the Decker Barn (above) about 30 minutes south.  (2048 x 1536  737 KB)
Just couldn't resist the colors of the leaves at my feet, this picture was taken in the cemetery in Schoharie, New York (October 9, 2005).  (2048 x 1536  1116 KB)
The highlight of the Decker Reunion... a chance to visit the Decker House in Shawangunk, New York.  Although the day was rainy (October 8, 2005), the house was beautiful.  (2048 x 1536  939 KB)
Outside of South Berne, New York, on the way to locate the former residence of Michael Decker (1850 census, and his widow is listed on the 1866 Plat map), this countryside just had to have a picture taken (October 9, 2005).  (2048 x 1536  568 KB)

I somewhat considered this (in part) a genealogy trip because ultimately I did stop and tour some cemeteries in Illinois.  On my way to Florida, however, I couldn't resist the urge to take a small detour and visit the Jack Daniel's Distillery.  This is my favorite picture.  Too bad the barrel is actually a trash bin  (March 25, 2005).  (2832 x 2128 2.09MB)

All pictures are Copyright by Lonnie Decker

April 14, 2010