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Decker Reunion 2000

The first annual Decker reunion for descendents of James Decker was held June 11, 200 at Plymouth Park in Midland Michigan. The day was a great success. With an estimated turnout of around 80 people, descendents of Harold and Ernest (Bob) Decker, a good majority of the family was there. Although there was some rain in the morning, it cleared up well enough for all to have a good time. A lot of information was shared, stories were told, and games were played. Also, as with all gatherings like this, there was a lot of good food.

 I had a great time and I am already looking forward to next year. I want to thank all for coming, and also thank Diana for taking the lead in organizing the day.


Descendents of James F. Decker

Descendents of Ernest Decker

Descendents of Harold Decker

Family of Robert W. Decker, Grandson of James F. Decker

Children of Robert W. Decker

Family of Beverly (Decker) Church

Jamie Waldfogel & Family

Even More Pics:

Robert & Tasha Decker

Peg & Kaila, and Robert & Tasha

Tasha & Kaila:  Cousins

Kaila Decker

Chase Decker

June 21, 2000