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Decker Reunion 2006

About 35 descendents of James Franklin Decker attended the 2006 reunion, held at the home of Chris & Peg Decker in Sanford Michigan.  The reunion was held on August 6, 2006, under beautiful skies and moderate temperatures (not hot!).

Kaylie Marie and her mom (Stephanie Marie Decker)

Drew Decker playing on his game boy, Briana, Kyle, Lance, Jerome & Ryan talking.

Rebecca, Jerome, Stephanie, Kaylie, Kyle & Lance

Briana Decker & Lance (and Ryan Decker with the water balloon)

After lunch, many took the opportunity to play a few games of Croquet.

Ryan Decker, obviously confused about something.  Don't think he ever won a game, but he didn't come in last every time.

Jean and Stephanie.

Matt and Alan Decker

Pam, Dick, and Aaron McReynolds

The four pictures above are my kids and their families.  It's hard to get them to stay put for a picture, hence it took four tries to get all of them reasonably OK in at least one.

Front:  Drew, Briana, Brett, Stephanie (holding Kaylie) and Rebecca

Back:  Ryan, Lance, Kyle and Jerome

Rebecca Decker, who hurt her foot kicking a ball.  She slipped.

Ryan and Mike ... enjoying the paddleboat (killed my legs, sheesh)


August 21, 2006