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Decker Reunion 2007

About 40 descendents of James Franklin Decker attended the 2007 reunion, held at the home of Chris & Peg Decker in Sanford Michigan.  The reunion was held on August 5, 2006.  After a week of hot weather, we had a nice day (not hot).  It was a beautiful day, considering the weather once again turned hot the following week, as well.

Jean & Gerry with Earl & Pat

Earl & Pat

Kaylie, Stephanie & Jerome

Dawn & Pam

Pam taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.

Stephanie (she looks like she was thirsty)

Rebecca (don't take my picture!)

Nora (great-grandma) and Kaylie

Chris & Peg (our hosts, thank you!)

Aaron & Dick.  Believe it or not, they weren't arguing.  I think they were wondering when they

could get inside & turn on the TV to watch the race.  :)

Pam, why are you the only one eating?


October 1, 2007