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Biography of John W. Decker, Lake City, Michigan (Parents: New York)

Portrait and Biographical Record of Northern Michigan
Chicago Record Publishing Co., 1895
Page 401;  Retrieved 1/22/2010 from


John W. Decker, M.D., a graduate of the medical department of the Michigan State University at Ann Arbor, has been engaged in practice in Lake City since September, 1887.  In this period he has built up an enviable reputation among his clients and the brethren of his profession.  Politically a Democrat, he was Town Clerk for two years, was School Director for a similar length of time, and for the past three years has been Health Officer for the township.  He has invested considerable money in real estate from time to time, and now finds himself the owner of eighty acres of timber-land eight miles south of this place, thirty acres in the vicinity of Star City, and eighty acres of land situated a mile and a-quarter north of Lake City, the Opera House Block and drug store, and four lots here, in addition to his home residence.

The Doctor was born in Livingston County, this state, March 12, 1863.  His parents, James and Sallie (Webb) Decker, were natives of New York State.  The former came to this state in boyhood, and grew to manhood in Livingston County.  During his active life he was engaged in agricultural pursuits, but is now retired.  He came to Lake City in 1885, with his wife and family.  He is of German descent, and his father was born in the Empire State.

The Doctor is one of six children, three sons and three daughters, whose names are as follows:  Sheldon, Minnie, who became the wife of George Coleman, of North Dakota; Freeman; Clara, Mrs. Robert Van Orden, of this county; Mary, Mrs. John Cosford, of Mancelona, this state; and John W.  Dr. and Mrs. Cosford are both practicing physicians of Mancelona.

The elementary education of Dr. Decker was obtained in Livingston County, and after completing the course of instruction to be obtained in the local schools, he took up the study of medicine.  After his graduation at Ann Arbor, he at once decided to begin practice in Lake City, and the wisdom of his choice is now apparent, for he has succeeded beyond his expectations.  He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and is also a Knight of Pythias.

October 28, 1889, Dr. Decker and Miss Hattie Haze were united in marriage.  Mrs. Decker, who is the daughter of Dr. Charles and Orissa (Mead) Haze, received the benefits of a superior education, and is possessed of unusual attainments.  She holds membership with the Methodist Episcopal Church.  The Doctor and his wife enjoy the friendship of all with whom they come in contact, and extend a ready hospitality to their acquaintances.

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