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Deckers in "New Paltz History"

Source:  History of New Paltz, New York and its Old Families, 1678 to 1820, 2nd Ed.

By Ralph Le Fevre, Fort Orange Press, Brandow Printing Company, 1909

(Library of Michigan, Lansing, MI)


Decker, Catherine, wife of Louis Hasbrouck, page 406 

Isaac Hasbrouck, son of Jacob, son of Jean the Patentee, was born 1722.  He married, in 1745, Mary, daughter of Jacobus Bruyn of Shawangunk.  [Isaac was brother of Col. Josiah Hasbrouck (below) who married Sarah Decker.]  They moved to the town of Marbletown and lived in the house in which their son, Severyn, afterwards resided, which is still standing, about a mile east of Stone Ridge and now owned by James Pine.

 Isaac Hasbrouck and his wife, Mary Bruyn, left a large family of children, as follows:  Jacob I., Joh, Jacobus Bruyn, Severyn, Maria, Esther, Catharine, Benjamin, and Louis.

 The names of three of these sons appear as soldiers in the Revolutionary War:  John, as captain, Severyn and Louis as privates.  The name of Jacob I. appears among the signers of the Articles of Association, and so does that of Jacobus Bruyn.

 [Each child is listed, in turn

Jacob I., born 1746, married Sarah DuBois, daughter of Cornelius.

Benjamin I, born 1764, married (1) Catrina Smedes, (2) Rachel Hasbrouck, daughter of David Hasbrouck.

John, married Mary, daughter of Jacob A. Hasbrouck, who was son of Joseph Hasbrouck of Guilford.

Severyn, born 1756 at Stone Ridge, married (1) Maria Depuy and (2) Maria Conklin.

Jacobus Bruyn, born 1753 at Stone Ridge, married Ann Abeel.]

 Louis, the youngest son of Isaac, was born in 1767, married Catherine Decker of Shawangunk, and located at Stone Ridge.  They had sons as follows:  Garret who lived in New York, Cornelius who lived at Stone Ridge, Benjamin who occupied the homestead, and Jacob who lived at Monticello and was a doctor.  The homestead at Stone Ridge was occupied by Benjamin during his life time and after his death by his son John C. Hasbrouck who greatly enlarged and improved it and resided there until his death.


Decker, Mary, wife of Levi Hasbrouck, page 387 

A granddaughter of Joseph I., Mrs. A. M. Ronk, has in her possession an old family Bible with the following record:

 “Joseph I. Hasbrouck, born October 11, 1767, died March 24th, 1842.  Married Cornelia Schoonmaker of Pa-ca-na-sink, born February 18th, 1766, died July 14th, 1814.”  Their children were Sarah B., born August 28, 1788, married Daniel Tuthill; Maria, born May 23, 1790, married Thomas Ostrander; Catherine, born August 17, 1792, married Samuel Johnson; Dr. Stephen, born April 24, 1794, married Elsie Schenk of Fishkill, Levi, born December 21, 1795, married Manj Decker; Jane, born January 27, 1798, married Cornelius DeWitt of Marbletown; Geo., born January 26, 1800, married Maria Johnson; Joseph Osterhoudt, born December 23, 1801, married Eliza Ray; Abel, born December 16, 1803, married Ruth Winfield; Augustus, born September 20, 1809, married Jan V. E. Eltinge, daughter of Rev. Wilhelmus.


Decker, Matheus, m. Magdalen Bevier, page 244 

Abraham Bevier (parents Samuel Bevier & Magdalena Blanjean) , Married Margaret Eltinge


·        Sarah, born June 25, 1744, married Oct. 25, 1765.  Petrus Hasbrouck, born Aug. 20, 1738, New Paltz.

·        Jacomyntje, born Sept 28, 1746, married Dec. 2, 1769.  Matthew Bevier, born 1744, son of Samuel, Shawangunk.

·        Solomon, born Dec. 4, 1748, married, died Nov. 10, 1810.  Elenor Griffin, born Dec. 22, 1745, died Aug 12, 1820.

·        Katrintje, born Oct. 19, 1750, married Jan. 24, 1762.  Mathusalem Dubois, born May 23, 1742, son of Ephraim.

·        Roelof Eltinge, born May 16, 1753, died young.

·        Maria, born March 18, 1755, married.  Isaac Hasbrouck, born April 13, 1746, son of Daniel.

·        Abraham A., born Oct. 29, 1758, married, Chenango, died 1817.  Maria Freer.

·        Magdalen, married Nov. 9, 1766.  Mattheus Decker, Shawangunk.

·        Esther, died young.


Decker, Sarah, wife of Col. Josiah Hasbrouck, page 401 

Chapter XXXII, starting on page 397, covers the family of Jean Hasbrouck, the Patentee.  “Directly across the street from the site of the first stone church, stands the house of Jean Hasbrouck, the Patentee, which was purchased by the New Paltz Huguenot Memorial Society in 1899, to preserve the memory of the early settlers and as a store-house of relics and ancient documents.”

 [Below is a summary of the Jean Hasbrouck family, specifically relating to Josiah, who married Sarah Decker.]

 Jean Hasbrouck, the Patentee, left three daughters, Mary, who married Isaac DuBois, Hester, who married Peter Gumaer, and Elizabeth, who married Louis Bevier of Marbletown.  He also had three sons, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The first went to England and never returned.  Isaac died before his father.  His name appears in the list of members of Capt. Wessell Tenbrouck’s company that marched to the invasion of Canada in 1711.  He probably lost his life in this campaign.  Jacob married Hester Bevier, and kept the old homestead.  Jacob left three sons, Jacob [Jr.], Isaac and Benjamin.  Jacob, who wrote his name Jacob Jr., married Jane DuBois, daughter of Cornelius DuBois, Sr., and sister of Cornelius DuBois, Jr., of Poughwoughtenonk.  He continued to reside in the homestead.  Isaac married Maria Bruyn.  Benjamin was killed by a falling tree in 1747.  Isaac is the ancestor of the Stone Ridge Hasbroucks.

 Jacob, Jr., left two sons, Josiah, and Jacob J., jr.; also one daughter Hester, who married Dr. George Wirtz, the ancestor of the Wurts family at New Paltz.

 In his old age, Jacob, Jr., built and perhaps moved to the old stone house in the north bounds of the present corporation, where is great-grandson, Abm. M. Hasbrouck, now lives.  The son Josiah kept the old homestead.  He carried on the mercantile business in this ancient house after the Revolution and accumulated a very large amount of property.  He was a member of Congress in the 8th session in 1803-5, was Member of Assembly in 1796, 1802, and 1806, and Supervisor of the town in 1784-6, 1793-4 and from 1799 to 1805.  Josiah was commissioned as second Lieutenant in the Second Company, Third Regiment of Ulster County Militia in 1780.  He was usually called Colonel.  Perhaps that rank may have been bestowed during the war of 1812.  We know nothing of his military record.

 In his old age Josiah moved from the old family residence in this village to the Plattekill.  His wife was Sarah Decker.  They had three daughters, Elizabeth, Jane, and Maria, and one son, Levi, who occupied the Plattekill residence during his lifetime, as did his only son, Josiah, who died about 1885.

 Col. Josiah’s daughters married as follows:  Elizabeth was Josiah DuBois’ first wife, Jane married Joseph Hasbrouck of Guilford and Maria married Christopher Reese of Newburgh.

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