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Proof Of Line

This page is meant to be a documentation of my line back to Jan Broersen. Some people have been asking "How do I know that?" Although I cannot necessarily say that I have proven the connection, I am probably 99% sure. Here I will lay out the documentation that I have, and add to it as I can.

James F. Decker (b. Apr 22, 1864 d. Sep 28, 1953)
James is my great-great grandfather. He is buried in Midland, Michigan.

Samuel I. Decker (b. abt 1825 d. abt 1870)
Proof that Samuel is James' father comes in several forms. James' and Eliza's marriage license and affidavit lists his parents as Samuel I. Decker and Lovina L. Barber. Guardianship papers filed in Lockport, NY after the death of his mother further prove this, as well as the fact that his parents did die while he was still young. James appears under Samuel on the 1865 NY State Census living in Newfane, NY. He was 1 1/2 at the time. Also, while the 1910 census lists his father being born in Germany (the only place this appears), it is correct in the 1920 census (Midland, MI).

Michael Decker (b. abt 1793)
Samuel appears under Michael in the 1850 NY State Census, Town of Berne, Albany County. His occupation is listed as Shoe Maker. He appears on the 1855 State Census in Newfane as living there 5 years, and being born in Albany County. In the 1860 Federal Census in Newfane, he lists his occupation as Shoemaker. Ages are appropriate (23 in 1850 under Michael, 28 in 1855, and 33 in 1860). Also, The Berne History Project has Michael listed, with children.

Myndert Decker (b. 1762 d. bef 1850)
The connection from Michael to Myndert has been a little tougher. Census information only shows the head of household. I haven't found a baptism record for Michael either. Information on the web connects him, as well as giving me his siblings. I have found information to prove some of the information on the siblings, including baptisms of Jacob (1791) and John (1796) at the Linlithgo church, and Lena (1799) at the Claverack church. Nothing yet on Michael (1793), Polly (1803), or Peter (1806).  

Gerrit Decker (b. abt 1731)
The information connecting Myndert to Gerrit comes mostly from his baptism record at the Linlithgo church, Columbian County, NY:
#760 Gerret Decker Myndert Myndert M'Clean, & wife
Jannetje M'Clean 3/28/1762 Annatje Hoogencamp
Also helped by the fact that there weren't very many people named Myndert Decker.

Jan Decker (b. 1679)
From here on up is widely documented on the internet, of which I don't have a lot of documentation on.

Jacob Decker (b. 1658 d. May 29, 1720)
The proof of Jacob being the father of Jan is from the Kingston Reformed Dutch Church records:
#195 Jacob Jansse Decker Jan Broer Jansse Decker Grietje Jansse Decker
Belytie Bastiaansse 9/28/1679 Gysbert Albertsse

Jan Broersen (Decker) (b. abt 1630 d. abt 1712)
Too much information to doubt. This information goes back to the records of Wiltwyck, etc.


February 2, 2002