Source:Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Paltz, NY, Vol III., The Holland Society of New York, 1896.

(Library of Michigan, Lansing, MI)


Joseph Dekker listed as Deacon under Shawankonk, 26 April 1774. [page 15]


1718, 6 July, baptism of Jacob, parents Henderik Dekker and Jannetjen Kortregt, witnesses Jacob Dekker, Zara Minten [in Dutch in original, other entries on page are 1689] [page 62].


1775, June 2.Consistory of congregation at Shawengonk met at the house belonging to the congregation now occupied by Jacobus Van de Lyn, and after calling upon Godís name, admitted the following persons as members of this congregation:Jacob Reynhart, Maria Winfield, wife of Abram Dekker, Maria Terwilliger, wife of Jacob Dekker. [page 80]


1776, Oct 25.Registered.Married November 9, 1766.Matheus Decker, Y.M., born and living at Shawankong, and Magdalena Bevirs, Y.D., born and living at New Paltz. [page 83]


1808, 18 Dec.Charles Snyder and Elizabeth Decker (married).[page 88]


1811, 16 May.Reuben Decker and Mary Snyder (married).[page 90]


1812, 22 May.Elijah Aliger and Hannah Decker (married).[page 91]


1812, 8 Sept.Levi Decker and Polly Dickinson (married).[page 91]


1731, 21 Mar.Lena, child of James and Geessie Spenieneck.Witnesses:Jeames Achmudi, Lena Deckers.[page 94]


1750, 22 Apr.Catharina, child of Benjamin Smedes and Rachel Janse.Witnesses:Benjamin Smedes, Jr., Elsje Dekker.[page 96]


1757, 16 Jan.Alida, child of Thomas Etkins and Maria Dekker.Witnesses:Joseph Etkins and Alida Dekker.[page 104]


1774, 7 Dec. born, Sartye, child of Garret Dekker and Margrita Cok.[page 116]


1767, 6 Dec.Johannes, child of Matheus Decker and Magdalena Bevirs.Witnesses, Johannes Decker, young man, and Jocomyntje Bevirs, young woman.[page 122]


1771, 29 Dec.Catharina, child of Stephanus Eckert and Maria Dekker.[page 127]


1773.Petrus Edmundus, child of Petrus Smedes, Jr., and Elsje Hasbrouk.Witnesses:Jacob Smedes and Maria Dekker.(exact date not given, between Feb 13 and Aug 12). [page 128]


1785 23 Apr.born Feb 13, Elizabeth, child of Josia Hasbrouck and Sarah Dekker.Witnesses:The parents.[page 157]


1790.born 28 Feb, Wyntje, child of Efraim Deccer and Maria Terpening.[page 171]


1791.born May 30.Levi, child of Josia Hasbrouck and Sarah Dekker.[page 175]


1793.born 18 Jun.John, child of James Mahony and Mary Decker.[page 180]


1798, 7 Dec born Maria, child of Josia Hasbrouck and Sara Decker.[page 194]


1802, 24 Apr.born 23 Jan, Ester, child of Josiah Hasbrook and Sarah Decker.[page 202]


1809, 20 Apr. born [no name], child of Benjamin Decker and Anny Terwilliger.[page 219]