Ulster County in the Revolution

A Guide to Those Who Served

Edited by Ruth P. Heidgerd

The Hugenot Historical Society, 1977, New Paltz, NY

(Library of Michigan)


Decker, Abraham – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1)/Jansen Smith (F-356); ? bp. 6-19-1720, d. 3-24-1792, m. Elizabeth Schut, m. 2 Catherine … wid. Of … Terwilliger, pvt.  (DAR-184, WH)


Decker, Abraham Jr. – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1)/Jansen-Jansen & Gillespy (F-356); bp. 6-8-1748 (WH) d. 6-15-1803 @ 55-3-14, Shawangunk (OGU-310) ? m. Maria Winfield (WH)


Decker, Ambrick – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1)


Decker, Benjamin – 3rd Ulster (R-196, C1); 4th Ulster (R-201, C1)/Jansen-Jansen & Roosa (F-356); ? m. Rachel Smedes (WH)


Decker, Benjamin Jr. – 4th Ulster (R201, C1); ? bp. 4-24-1750 (WH)


Decker, Benjamin J. – 4th Ulster (R201, C1)Jansen-Cross (F-356) ? m. 1783 Jane Adams, res. Shawangunk (WH)


Decker, Benjamin T. – 4th Ulster (R201, C1)


Decker, Cornelius – 4th Ulster LBR (R-264); b. 1-11-1742, d. 8-4-1812 @ 80-6-28 bur. Shawangunk Chyd (DAR 4/90, OGU-311) m. Elizabeth VanWagenen, m. 2 Elizabeth Decker (OU 1909/159)


Decker, Daniel – sgr. Mamakting (Syl, C1, H); ? m. Rachel Helms, res. Deerpark (WH)


Decker, David – 2nd Ulster (R-192, C1)


Decker, Elias – 4th Ulster (R201) LBR (R-264)/Jansen-Jansen & Gillespy & Cross (F-356) ? m. 1778 Annatye VandeMerke, res. Shawangunk (WH)


Decker, Eleazer – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1) LBR (R-264)/Jansen-Jansen (F-356)


Decker, Elisha – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1); ? m. 1774 Ida Rosenkrans of Shawangunk (WH)


Decker, Ephraim – 1st Ulster (R-188, C1)/Wynkoop-Swart (F-356) ? m. Maria Schut, m. 2 Sara Smedes (WH)


Decker, Ephraim Jr. – 1st Ulster LBR (R-259) ? bp. Shawangunk 1-23-1758, m. Maria Terpenning (WH)


Decker Evert – 2nd Ulster (R-192, C1)


Decker Evert R. B. b. 1752, bp. 10-28-1753, d. 8-11-1832 @ 80-10-5 Shawangunk (OGU-311, DAR graves 4/90).  M. Catrina Decker (WH), m. 2 Maria Terwilliger (DAR-184); 4th Ulster (R-201, C1)/Jansen-Jansen (F-356)


Decker, Frederick – 3rd Ulster (R-196, C1)


Decker, Gerret – b. 1716, d. 1790 @ 74-5, bur. Shawangunk Chyd (DAR graves 4/89) but OGU-311 says, d. 5-1-1786 @74-6-20; m. Catrina Schut (H); +- 4th Orange (R-163); 4th Ulster/Conklin 4-6-76 (F-302)


Decker, Henry – sgr. New Marlborough (Syl, C1); 4th Ulster LBR (R-264)


Decker, Isaac – 1st Ulster (R-188, C1)/Wynkoop (F-356)


Decker, Isaac – 2nd Ulster (R-192, C1)/Newkirk-Crawford (F-356); 4th Ulster LBR (R-264) ? b. c 1760, d. 10-1-1797, m. Maria VanEtten, pvt. (DAR-184) res. Shawangunk (WH)


Decker, Jacob – 4th Ulster LBR (R-264) ? m. 1775 Maria Terwilliger, res. Shawangunk (WH); +- Levies (R-78) sgt. /DuBois-Burnet (F-356)


Decker, Jacobus – 3rd Ulster (F-196, C1) ? bp. 11-11-1738, d. p. 6-8-1777, m. Jane Williams, pvt. (DAR-184)


Decker, James – sgr. New Palz (Syl, C1) poss. same as Jacobus


Decker, Jeremiah – 4th Ulster LBR (R-264), ?son of William, bp. 5-16-1756 (WH) d. 10-26-1821 @ 65-7-15 (OGU-311)


Decker, Johannes C. – b. 6-2-1767, d. 9-2-1814 @47-3-0, bur. Shawangunk Chyd., service Roberts 112, 255 (DAR graves 4/90) which would be 7th Albany (R-112) and 3rd Orange LBR (R-255) an unlikely combination; m. Sarah DePuy (WH) (OGU-311)


Decker, John – sgr. New Palz (Syl, C1)


Decker, John Jr. – 4th Ulster LBR (R-264) +- Levies (R-83)/Pawling-Pawling (F-356)


Decker, John G. – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1)


Decker, Jonathan – 4th Ulster /Gillespy as “Yonatan”, testimony (CP 1/591); Hanover exempts (CP 4/125); ? b. 8-30-1728, d. 2- -1790, m. Catherina Terwilliger, m. 2 Maria VanSteenbergen (DAR-184, WH)


Decker, Joseph – 2nd Ulster LBR (R-261); d. 9-17-1807 @52-5-8 bur. Montgomery Chyd (DAR graves 6/107)


Decker, Joshua – 4th Ulster LBR (R-264); ? d. Pre 1782, m. 1765 Geertie Terwilliger


Decker, Jurry – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1)


Decker, Manasse – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1) /Jansen-Cross (F-356) m. 1767 Maria Decker, res. Shawangunk (WH)


Decker, Martin – app. New Palz 7-4-1820, age 68, pvt. 5 yrs. /VanCortland, 2nd Line at Yorktown, Cert. 1767, rheumatic attacks, wife 30 (UCPens); 2nd Line (R-52); mustered 1778-82 (F-222)


Decker, Martinas – 2nd Ulster (R-192, C1) ? b. 12-14-1733, d. 4-24-1802, m. 2 Mary Penneton, sol. (DAR-184)


Decker, Noah – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1) /Jansen-Jansen & Cross (F-356); 3rd Ulster (C1); Levies (R-83) /Pawling-Burnet (F-356)


Decker, Peter (or Petrus) – there is confusion here.  DAR-184 gives Peter Jr. b. 2-3-1759, d. 7-28-840 m. Annatje Decker, pvt.; also Petrus b. 12- -1748, d. 2-20-1834 m. Annatye …. 1st Lt.; DAR graves 4/90 refers to Peter g. d. 7-29-1810; believe it sould be:


Decker, Peter – (b. 1-14-1748) d. 2-20-1834 @86-1-6, m. Maria Hoffman (OGU-311, WH); app. Shawangunk 9-9-1828, age 80, enl. 3- -77 /Albert Pawling-M. Jansen, Cont. Line to 1- -79, 2nd Lt. 9 mo. Carpenter too old to work, lives alternately with sons & dauus. (UCPens); pens. 6-27-1833 age 80, mil. Lt. $320; ens. 4th Ulster co. NW of Shawangunk River 9-20-75 (F-301) 2nd Lt. /Hasbrouck (CP 3/466) 1st Lt. 3-9-78 (F-301, C1) /Jonathan Hasbrouck-Mathew Jansen (SH 4568-2634); Lt. 4th Ulster (R-199)


Decker, Peter G. (or Jr.) – b. 2-3-1759, d. 7-28-1840 @81-5-3 m. Annatie Decker (OGU-311, OU 1906/247, WH) 4th Ulster (R-201, C1) /Jansen-Ostrander & Jansen & Smith (F-356)


Decker, Petrus – 1st Ulster (R-188, C1) /Wynkoop-Dedrick (F-356)


Decker, Philip – 4th Ulster (R-264) d. 4-7-1832 @85, bur. Montgomery Chyd (DAR graves 6/107)


Decker, Reuben – b. Shawangunk 4-17-1753, d. Ulster Park 4-30-1826, m. Ann (Nancy) Robinson, sol. (DAR-184); 3rd Ulster (R-196, C1); 4th Ulster LBR (R-264) in detachment of 14 horsemen /sgt. David Mills to arrest Samuel Harris et al. 4- -1777 (F-539)


Decker, Uriah – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1) /Jansen-Cross (F-356) ? b. 1752, d. 4-5-1818 @ 65-11-26 m. Hannah (Annatje) Winfield, res Shawangunk (OGU-312, WH) +- Levies (R-83) /Pawling-Wood (F-356)


Decker, Wilhemes – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1) /Jansen-Gillespy & Cross (F-356)


Decker, William – 4th Ulster (R-201, C1) /Jansen-Smith (F-356)



+-        same name as

/           under command of

app.     application for pension

b.         born

bp.       baptized

Capt.    Captain

cert.     certificate

chyd     churchyard

co.       company

Co.      County

comm.  Commissioned

d.         died

dau.      Daughter

des’d.   deserted

disch    discharged

d.p.      died after date

enl.       enlisted

ens.      Ensign

LBR     Land Bounty Rights

Lt.        Lieutenant

m.        married

Maj.     Major

sgr.       Signer, Articles of Association



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