Bible Records, Volume 134

Daughters of the American Revolution of New York State

Compiled by Several Chapters, 1970-1971


New York State Library, Albany, NY


Pages 77-81:  Tunis Decker


Ruth Floyd Woodhull Chapter


Descendents of Tunis Decker and Mary Shew from Family Bibles


Mrs. Roy R. Gockley

Freeport, New York

Genealogical Records Chairman




Records of Tunis Decker and Mary Shew taken from family bibles.  Residents of Gilboa and Jefferson, N.Y., Schohairie County.


Tunis Decker (1767-1854) married Mary Shew (1777-1864)

Their children were

Cornelius, b. 1799

Polly, b. 1803

Susan, b. 1804

Caty, b. 1805

Nellie, b.1808

Jacob, b. 1811

Sophia, b. 1811

George, b. 1819


Jacob Decker (1811-1879) married Betsy Ann Shew (1814-1894)

Their children were

Maryette, b. 1839 – married David Simonson and they had two children

Alexander, died as an infant

Susan Amelia, b. 1842 – married Richtmyer Hubbel and they had four children

Martha, b. 1844

William Henry, b. 1846 – married Addie Brown and they had five children

Frencelia, b. 1848 – married Will Ladd, and their daughter Rose married Ernest Woodcock, and they had one child, Elmina

Helen, died as an infant

Rose E., b. 1854




Maryette Decker (1839-  ) married David M. Simonson (18    )

Their children were

Mina, b. 1869, d. 1942 – married Jewett Dyer, b. 1868, d. 1937

Stephan, who married Della Montgomery


Susan Amelia Decker (1842-1881) married Richtmyer Hubbel (1843-1918)

Their children were

Frank, b. 1867, d. 1952

Hattie, b. 1869, d. 1926

Benona, b. 1879, d. 1919

Grace, b. 1882, d. 1960


William Henry Decker (1846-1925) married Addie Brown

Their children were

Arthur who married Grace Hamm, and they had four children,

George who married Mabel Dyckman

            Lester (d. 1967) who married Gertrude Darling

            Mary Helen who married Morris Veley

            Frank who married Louise Mickle

Willie, who died as an infant

Zanah who married Ward Wells, and they had four children

                        William, Randall, Walter, and John

Inza, who died aged 4



William Henry Decker’s second wife was Angie Brown (1859-1925) and they had no children


Frank Hubbell (1867-1952) married Allie Twitchell (1892-1908) and they had three children,

Charles, who married Ruth Crapser and their daughter Shirley married Karl Anderson (and they had four children, Sylvia, Steven, Karen, and William);

Mildred, who married Fred Harris

Alice, b. 1908, who married David Decker, and they had two sons, David and John




Hattie Ann Hubbell (1869-1926) married Charles E. Nichols (1862-1930) and they had two children,

Grace Amelia (1895 -   ) who married Roy r. G?ckley (1892-  ) and they had four children:

            Elizabeth N., b. 1919 who married Robert S. McLellan III, b. 1915

            And they have three children

                        Robert S. IV, b. 1942, married Susan Metty, b. 1942

                        Peter N, b. 1945, married Virginia Jack, and they have two children

                                    Debra, b. 1966

                                    Jennifer, b. 1968

                        David L., b. 1952

            Barbara J., b. 1921, married Max A. Stolper, and they have four children

                        Charles N, b. 1953

                        James R. P., b. 1955

                        Antonia Elizabeth,  b. 1958

                        Nicholas, b. 1962

            John C., b. 1923, married Louise Mazola, and they have four children

                        Nadine G., b. 1950

                        John C., Jr., b. 1954

                        Paula L., b. 1959

                        Lisa Marie, b. 1962

            Robert R., b. 1924, married Regina Maloney, b. 1929, and they have three children

                        Robert R., Jr., b. 1955

                        Margaret Ann, b. 1956

                        Allison P., b. 1960


Charles Earl, Jr. (1898 -  ) married Elsie Sager, b. 1895 and d. 1968




Benona Hubbell (1879-1919) married Anna Taber, and they had two children, Amelia, b. 1914, and Stanley, b. 1916




Grace Hubbell (1882-1960) married G. Plossa (d. 1960) and they had two children, Austin and Ronald, both deceased.


Richtmyer Hubbell (whose first wife was Susan Amelia Decker) married Rose E. Decker, b. 1854, and their son Fred D. (1893-1967) married Sarah Hurlbert, b. 1891, and they had three children, Alden, Helen, and Mabel


George Decker (1819-1891) married Phoebe Van de Word (1821-1871) and they had eight children:

Lowie, who married John Martin, and they had three children,

            Leland, who married Elizabeth Maynard, and they had three children

                        Lester, Maynard, and Ruth

            Jessie M. who married William Ruland, and they had two children

                        Winifred and Arthur

            Zuella who married Wallace Champlin, and they had children

                        Harriet, & Marion, who married William Stroud.

Alida, who married Will Berner, and they had five children

            George, Roy, Charles, Ellie, and Bessie

Ella, who married Avery Parsons,

and their daughter (Lillian) married William Thompson

Susan, who married George Richtmyer, and they had one son


Georganna, who married Ellis Read, and they had three children

            Lena, Edith, and Oley





[Source:  New York State Library, DAR Bible Records, Volume 134, 1970-1971, on visit 7-3-2008]