Bay County, Michigan Vital Records (Marriages and Deaths)

Source:  Bay County Clerk, August 2009

[Birth records unavailable]


Decker Marriages 1867 (start of records) to 1914


Groom                                     Bride                                       Date                Liber/Page

Decker, Bert                            Dee, Anna                               9-5-1893          D-00203

Decker, Clayton Addison       Koth, Theresa Wilhemena       6-17-1914        G-00002

Decker, Elmer E                      Maxwell, Mary                        7-21-1892        D-00166

Decker, James M                     Huff, Ida                                 3-22-1887        C-00021

Decker, William H                  Goff, Margarett E                   9-5-1874          B-00067

Neal, William H                      Decker, Wilhemena                 11-24-1914      G-00021



B-67 Record #972

Date of Marriage:  Sep 5, 1874

Place of Marriage:  Arenac

Groom:  William H. Decker, Residence Arenac, Age 19, Born New York, Occupation Farmer

Bride:  Margaret E. Goff, Residence Areneac, Age 21, Born Canada

By Whom Married:  H. Decker, Minister of the Gospel

Witnesses, Charles N. Ashford, Arenac; Harriet K. Goff, Arenac

Date of Record:  Oct. 13, 1874



C-21 Record #4686

Date of Marriage:  March 22, 1887

Groom:  James M. Decker, Residence Arenac, MI, Age 28, Born Platsburgh, NY, Occupation Sailor

Bride:  Ida Huff, Residence Essexville, MI, Age 21, Born West Bay City, MI

By Whom Married:  N. G. Lyons, Minister

Witnesses:  Lulu Morrison, West Bay City; Emura? Watkins, West Bay City

Date of Record:  Sept. 6, 1887



D-166 Record #2481

Date of License:  July 21, 1892

Groom:  Elmer E. Decker, Age 25, White, Residence Ogemaw Co., Mich, Born MI, Occupation Farmer, Prev Marriages:  No

Father of Groom:  Warren M. Decker

Mother of Groom:  Angeline Corrington

Bride:  Mary Maxwell, Age 16, White, Residence Bay Co., Mich, Born MI, Prev Marriages:  No

Father of Bride:  Walter Maxwell

Mother of Bride:  Sarah Tupper

Date of Marriage:  July 21, 1892

Place of Marriage:  Bay City

Official:  Alfred M. King, Justice of the Peace

Witnesses:  John Schemus, Bay City;  Robt King, Bay City



D-203 Record #4037

Date of License:  Sept. 5, 1893

Groom:  Bert Decker, Age 26, White, Residence West Bay City, Born Mich, Occupation Carpenter, Prev Marriages:  No

Father of Groom:  Juo? M. Decker

Mother of Groom:  Sophrimia Carpenter

Bride:  Anna Dee, Age 22, White, Residence West Bay City, Born Persia?, Prev Marriages:  No

Father of Bride:  Robert Dee

Mother of Bride:  Jane Mattenly

Date of Marriage:  Sept. 5, 1893

Place of Marriage:  West Bay City

Official:  J lt Kirkpatrick, Pastor M. E. Church

Witnesses:  Mary Dee, West Bay City; J. E. Freeman, West Bay City



G-2 Record #16111

Date of License:  June 15, 1914

Groom:  Clayton Addison Decker, Age 43, White, Residence Canada, Born Canada, Occupation Photographer, Prev Marriages:  One

Father of Groom:  Alonzo

Mother of Groom:  Maria Warren

Bride:  Theresa Wlhelmina Koth, Age 33, White, Residence Bay City, Born Bay City, Occupation Nurse, Prev Marriages:  No

Father of Bride:  Henry

Mother of Bride:  Emelia Shrader

Date of Marriage:  June 17, 1914

Place of Marriage:  Bay City

Official:  Thomas S. Anderson, Minister

Witnesses:  James L. Fowles, Bay  City; Johanna D. Fowles, Bay City



G-21 Record #16404

Date of License:  Nov. 24, 1914

Groom:  William H. Neal, Age 61, Residence Bangor Twp, Born New York, Occupation Farmer, Prev. Marriages:  One

Father of Groom:  William

Mother of Groom:  Phoebe Dudley

Bride:  Wilhelmena Decker, Age 50, Residence Bay City, Born Belleville, Canada, Occupation At Home, Prev Marriages:  One

Bride:  Wilhelmena Rahm  [presumably maiden name is Rahm possibly Decker]

Father of Bride:  John

Mother of Bride:  Austina Green

Date of Marriage:  Nov. 24, 1914

Place of Marriage:  Bay City

Official:  Charles E. Marrin, Minister

Witnesses:  Mrs. W. H. Kelly, Bay City; Mabel Neal, Bay City


Six marriage records in the index between 1867-1914; Subsequent records are much later.




Deaths 1914 (Start of records) to 1933


G-4-R Reg. #2 (Pinconning, Bay Co., Mich)

Feb. 14, 1919

Elmer E Decker, Male, White, Single, Age 0 yrs, 7 m, 6 d

Cause/Disease:  --

Born:  Mich

Occupation:  --

Father:  Earl Decker

Mother:  Frulu? Gasston?



J-253 Reg. #9

Date of Death:  5-30-1933

Date of Record:  7-14-1933

Decker, Floyd J., Male, White, Divorced, Age 25 yrs, 10 m, 2 d

Place of Death:  Monitor Twp.

Cause/Disease:  Fractured Neck

Born:  Mich

Occupation:  None

Father:  James Decker, born New York

Mother:  Eliza Burns, born Mich


Two death records in the index between 1914-1933.  Subsequent records are much later.