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Data Files - Wills - Heyltie Decker, 1744

Ulster Co., N.Y., Probate Records

Surrogateís Office, New York

Liber 15, p. (*) 347.  Deckers, Heyltie, of Kingston.


Will dated Apr. 16, (*) 1743, and written in Dutch.


To the children of my brother, Johannis Decker, the bond which their father has given to me for the land, which they are to divide equally between themselves.  But as my brother was drowned without leaving any testament, my brotherís son, Cornelius, shall divide his fatherís estate, but not to have more out of said bond than the other children, in addition to his interest.  My sisterís child, Marieya de Lametter shall have my bonds with interest, as well a bond from Matyes de Bois of £20, one from Abram Lametter of £23, one from Mattys Van Keuren of £10 and one from my brother, Johannis De Lametter of £35 for the house.  The land which I and my sister Mareytie had by deed, called the Hazelnut-branch, which my sisterís child Marieya shall have, may be used by Johannis De Lametter and my sister until her daughter is 18 years old.  To Johannis De Lametterís son Abraham, my horse for his own.  To my brotherís children called Geertje, Elsie, Ragel, Mareya, and Catteriena, and to my sisterís child, Maria, each a silver spoon as a memento.  My brother Johannis De Lametter and my son Johannis Ten Broeck appointed executers.  Witnessed by Thomas Beekman, N. Edward Thompson, Cornelius Lambertse Brink.  Proved March 2, 1744.

(Heyltje Decker, bt. Jan 10, 1686, dau. Of Gerrit and Margaret D., m., Nov. 24, 1704, Hendrick Schoonmaker, s. of Jochem H. S. and Petronella Sleight, q. v.)


(NOTE: I believe this to instead be Heyltje Decker, bt. 14 Jan 1700 in Kingston, daughter of  Cornelius Decker and Elsie Ten Broek, as this matches the brother [-in-law] Johannis De Lametter, sister Mareytie, and brotherís children. Ė Lonnie Decker)


December 16, 2002