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Dean's Poems


Life is nothing but a game of chances,
Where you live and learn by circumstances,
Life can be happy and full of special
Or it can be filled with stress and troubled
Sometimes life can be beautiful and joyous,
Other times life can be full of pain and
leave you feeling full of emptyness,
Life can be care free and everything seems to
fall into place,
While other times it leaves you feeling
depressed with a long face,
Your life is what you make of it, its not
written in stone,
But sometimes you come to an impass in your
life, and you feel confused, and for the most
part alone.

Cameron Dean Coty

Copyright 2003 Cameron D. Coty


When your heart is full of pain, you cannot
There's always that fear of being hurt, which
is hard to overcome,
When every relationship you start ends in
You find yourself trusting less, and break
ups are harder to take,
Life is full of choices, some are happy,
some are full of pain,
Choices that leave you feeling depressed,
when you have no one but yourself to blame,
When you feel like nobody needs you, and you
feel useless, you die inside,
You feel helpless, alone, and stripped of
The game of love can be a wonderful thing,
and full of greatness,
But the only thing love has done for me has
left me feeling heartless.

Cameron Dean Coty

Copyright 2003 Cameron D. Coty

Poems are listed at poetry.com.  Printed here by permission of Sandy & Ernie Coty.


May 29, 2003