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August (September 9) 2005

Well... so I'm late again, as far as getting this thing posted.  Ah well.  End of summer, Labor Day, etc.  Or just the fact that I have been busy, and lazy.  Maybe you'll understand why in a minute.

As posted elsewhere, the local Decker Reunion was held in Sanford on August 7, at my brother's house.  This was the first time we've held it anywhere besides a park, usually with the benefit of a pavilion.  The weather was excellent, and the informal setting of Chris's back yard was very nice.  After my three trips this summer (San Jose, Las Vegas, and Richmond), it was nice to sit back & relax, and visit family.  Next up is the reunion in New York sponsored by the Decker Family Association.  I'm looking forward to this, as it feels like my first 'formal' connection to the wider Decker family, those descended from Jan Broersen.

Well, also this summer sandwiched right around the time of the Decker reunion, I taught two weeks of instructor classes.  Not many instructors, and I've taught the courses before, but it's still something that consumes most of the day at work, leaving little time for getting caught up with everything else that was missed during a busy summer.

Then, there was the comprehensive exams.  Give me six weeks to write four papers, roughly fifteen pages each.  Then give me the starting time right during one of my busiest summers ever (they usually are busy anyway).  It was a rough six weeks, considering it took me five weeks to write two pages.  Well, three days off work to do nothing but write, with the final paper completed in another marathon on a Saturday, and I was able to get everything submitted the following day, August 14.  Two weeks later, I got word that I passed the written portion (hurray!).  In a few days I have a conference call to complete, then it'll (finally) be time to move on to the dissertation.

Well, no more than I got that all done, and it was time to start preparing for fall semester, which kicked off August 29.  That, I suppose, is when I really got my attack of the lazies, which probably explains why I didn't kick in & post this before today.  Hope you understand.


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