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January 22, 2005

I guess sometime earlier this week I had an epiphany.  I was driving to work when it hit me that it seems very worthwhile to add a section to this website where I can put more information about my own life; my journey.  It's not to say that I have a personal preference for peoples' blogs, I don't think I've ever even really actually read one.  But, with so much going on in my life right now, it just seemed that it'd be a nice addition to the website to write some of them down, if only to explain my progress on family research (or lack thereof).  With it being the first of the year, I figured now would be the perfect time to get started.

I'm into the third week of my last actual course on my way to earning a PhD in Organizational Management.  It's been a real ride getting here over the last year and a half.  The online courses aren't really that difficult, but requires a lot of reading, and even more writing.  The week following Christmas I attended my third and final residency, this time in Orlando.  While it was nice to be in Orlando during the last week of December, rather than here in the dead of Michigan's winter, I had little time to enjoy it.  It was chilly the day I arrived there (December 26, 2004), but gradually warmed up over the week.  Unfortunately, with sessions to attend in preparation for my Comprehensive Exams (should start in April) and upcoming dissertation, among others, I had little time to enjoy the warmth.

The following week, the first week of this year, I spent at another training in Ann Arbor, this time for Computer Security.  As this is my primary focus of learning in my job, and related to my planned dissertation topic, I couldn't resist the chance to attend this free training.  I've immediately put it to use, as my semester teaching at Davenport started the following week, and I've begun teaching courses in computer security.  Most of my time since then has been devoted to teaching four nights a week, and trying to get caught up with my online course at Capella.

Winter came back again with a vengeance today.  I know they got more snow to the south of us, but it spent most of the day snowing here.  I haven't been outside to see just how much we have gotten, but I know I'll be out shoveling tomorrow.  And it's been cold (near 0 degrees) for quite some time.

As for Decker research, well you can see my time has been limited.  I was able to compile some information from several visits to the Library of Michigan, after I was in town for meetings for work.  Also, I was able to work to fill in some information on many family members based on newly released census indexes on  I've compiled a list of ancestors most closely related to my line, and I'm using it to maintain what information I have for each of them.  Hopefully this will be helpful to reduce the times where I look for information I already have.

In the meantime, I'll keep looking - whenever I can fit it in.

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