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July (August 3) 2005

Wow, what a summer this is.  Having spent a week in Vegas just over a month ago for the Cisco Networkers conference, I've just returned from being gone on two different trips in two consecutive weeks.

First up was training at Cisco headquarters in San Jose, CA.  The five days of training involved IP Telephony.  If you watch the TV show 24, they use these nifty phones with the Cisco logo on them.  This training involved configuring these phones and the other network devices to work with them, allowing for phone calls to be made over a computer network instead of phone lines, at least internally.  It was fun to learn, further enhanced by the fact that I got to do the training at Cisco.

Next up was three nights in Richmond, VA for the Cisco Networking Academy conference.  I turned around from flying home from San Jose to picking up Kyle & driving toward Gettysburg, PA in just over twenty-four hours.  We drove as far as Chambersburg, the went to Gettysburg the next day before continuing on to Richmond.  Gettysburg was great, we were able to visit the graves of Lucius & Minard Decker, brothers of my great-great grandfather.  Then based on previous information, books in the gift shop, and general looking & driving around, I was able to figure out pretty much where both men were on July 3, 1863 when they died on the third day of the battle.  All indications point to the fact that the 20th N.Y.S.M. (or 80th infantry) was on Cemetery Hill, at or very near the High Water Mark and took place in repelling Pickett,s charge.  A speech by Captain John D. S. Cook given in 1903 (new window) helped to put the visit into more perspective.

This has all been an interesting distraction for my most pressing of needs, finishing my comprehensive exam paper.  Progress has been slow with all that has been going on, but I need to concentrate on this project over the next 11 days or so.

This coming Sunday is our Decker family reunion, primarily for the descendents of James Franklin Decker.  I look forward to this reunion each year, as it is a way to reconnect with my direct line relatives and share with them what I have learned most recently.

Finally, this July I've spent a great deal of time (when I was not traveling) with someone who has become very important in my life.  I love you Tracy.  Thank you for everything you do for me.


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