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May 31, 2005

Well, all I can say that it has been an uneventful month, for the most part.  Finally, in way.  I've been in Comprehensive Exam limbo for most of the month, only to find out that I've been as much to blame as anyone else.  Progress is expected shortly, as I've completed the process of setting up the conference call, and have a foundation created for my four questions.  Shortly all I'll have to do is write the sixty page paper.  This during what will be a very busy summer, as usual.

Preparations are basically complete for my trip to a conference in Las Vegas.  I'll actually be there for my 40th birthday, and the Customer Appreciation Event (e.g. party) is on the night of my birthday for the second year in a row.  July will bring two trips, one to San Jose for a week (if all goes as planned), and I'm already registered for another conference in Richmond, Virginia right after that one.  That will be a driving trip, with plenty to do along the way.  I'm absolutely planning to stop at Gettysburg on the way down there, and spend a couple of days at Washington D.C. on the way back.  This will take plenty more planning to figure out any other possible side trips, but mostly will be sight-seeing on the fly.  Kyle's going with me on this trip, so we can just go where we want on the way home.

Aside from that, it's been very hectic at work, with a never ending list of stuff to do.  I'm teaching one more class than I had been expecting, which has helped increase my workload.  I also need to work on studying for a certification exam that I'll be taking while in Vegas, and sooner or later I need to think about certifying in Security.

One thing I have found recently (this semester) is that by not teaching on Thursday nights I can hang out around work a little later and work on genealogy.  I've been spending time on looking up census information on other lines descended from Myndert Decker, which has been helpful for several lines so far in verifying marriages, filling information on children's birth information, and in general providing more complete information on many families.  Hopefully this can continue - until I decide to pursue something else.  Last week I was working on a family with Michigan connections (Sterling & Pontiac), which could give me something else to look up when I'm in Lansing - a reason to visit the Library of Michigan.


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