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October 2005

Well, let's see....   What happened in October?

The obvious answer, of course, was the Decker Family Association reunion in New York over a three-day period at the beginning of the month.  I had a fabulous time.  Seeing the history of the area, touring the Half Moon, and going into the Decker House were all well worth the trip.  Currently I've posted all my pictures from the trip, and I'm working to get descriptions of each day's events posted as well.  It all depends on time & motivation.

Speaking of motivation, that brings me to the next topic.  I feel like I will be talking about this forever in my monthly ramblings, but I have officially begun my dissertation, with the first course being OM9996.  Unfortunately I found out when I returned that my employer sent me the money for the tuition rather than directly to Capella as I asked, therefore I wasn't allowed access to my online course for about 2 1/2 weeks.  That's how much time had passed before I returned home, discovered the problem, arranged payment, and was granted access to the online courseroom.  This was followed by a week of absolutely no motivation (recovery from all my events of the summer so far, and interesting home life).  Finally I began my coursework only to find that I have to find a new committee for my dissertation rather than continue with the same committee that I had for my Comprehensive Exam.  I have identified a mentor, looking for two other committee members.  Hurry up and slow down.  This is all further hindered by the fact that I know that if I don't finish, I can just go into a continuation course and take a little longer.  Somewhere I will make it up.  Got to.

What else is going on?  The forever continuing third-floor bedroom project is continuing at a very slow pace.  Now that the floor has been varnished, I have been working on trim around the doors (done!) and now baseboard.  Eventually this will be done, but not until the wall with the built-ins is complete.  Maybe this can get done sometime at the beginning of next year, and the room can be done within approximately two years of when it started.  It continues to look good - I'm very happy with the room.  It's just taken longer than I expected to get here.

So, October is over, November is here, and the holidays are just around the corner.  Ahh.  Busy time again.  Maybe by this time next month I will be a grandpa.

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