Descendants of Jan Broersen Decker


1. Jan Broersen Decker

Jan BROERSE was on the muster roll of the garrison of Wilwyck in 1661. In November of that year he sued Christyntie CAPOENS, daughter of Dirck HOLGERSEN (VOLCKERTSEN) and widow of Jacob HUYS, for labor he had done for her husband, Jacob HUYS, in the West Indies. Jan BROERZEN, pltf. produced a declaration of Adrian Huybersen STERREVELT, who stated, it is within his knowledge that Jan BROERSEN served Jacob HAY as a boy about seventeen years ago in the West Indies, both at Santa Cruz and Curacao, without having received, to his knowledge, any pay therefore: Also a declaration of Tryn HERDERS declaring that she had been with him to Jacob HAY, and speaking about money was refused any by him.
John O. Evjen SCANDINAVIAN IMMIGRANTS IN NEW YORK (1916), pp.165-66.

In 1662 a schedule of the old and newly surveyed lot in Wiltwyck with the names of their owners, was made out, and in the "List of old lots, before the place was laid out," appear the names of Evert PELS, owner of lot 2, and Jan Broersen (DEKKER) owner of lot 11. In the "List of lots newly laid out," Albert Heymansen (ROOSA) appears as the owner of lot 24, and Juriaen WESTVAEL as owning lot 25.

Signed a will of Joost Adriaensen (of Pynacker, wife Femmetje Hendricks) disposed Sept. 2, 1665.

Among those who took the oath of allegiance in the County of Ulster, 1 September 1669, were: Abraham duBOIS, Thomas QUICK, Cornelis SLECHT, Jan ELTING, Jan VanVLIET, Jacob VanETTEN, Jan VanETTEN his son, Roeloff SWARTWOUT, Tomas SWARTWOUT, Benjamin PROVOOST, Louis DuBOIS, Johannes WESTBROECK, Jan Broersen DEKKER, Arrie ROOS, and Evert PELS.

Jan BROERSEN (DECKER) was nominated magistrate at Horly and Marble; and the Governor accordingly notified the inhabitants of the appointment in a letter of 6 October 1673. Besides being magistrate BROERSEN was also lieutenant of the militia.
Elinor Randlemon, OURS - THEN AND NOW, pp.48-54,62-64;
OLDE ULSTER, (1906), v.2.

Heyletje (JACOBS) DECKER, wife of Jan Broerse DECKER, died at Shawangunk (Shongum), New York in 1678. He married 2nd on, 14 December 1679, to her sister, Willemtje JACOBS, widow of Albert GERRETSEN and Jan CORELISSEN.

Appears in court records, New York Manuscripts: Dutch, Kingston Papers 1661-1667 as follows:

January 23, 1672 - Appeared before me, W. Montagne, Secretary for the hon. court at Kingston, Cornelis Barentse Sleght, of the first part, and Theunes Jacobsen and Anderies Pieters, who declare having agreed in the following manner: Cornelis Barentse declares having sold and Teunes Jacobsen having bought his farm under the jurisdiction of Marbleton, the farm being named, by the people, "Steen Rapie" [corruption of Stone Arabia]. With the farm is to be delivered the storehouse and everything fixed in the ground and fastened by nail to same. Three horses, a black mare, a gelding and a stallion, and two cows, with wagon, plow and harrow with the ropes and everything belonging to the same, as, according to the lease, Jan Broersen at the expiration of the lease is obliged to return the same, as also the sowing which Jan Broersen is to return at the expiration of the lease. The grantor is to receive the rent till May next. Then Cornelis Barentsen shall be obliged to deliver said farm, with all such right and title as are vested in corneli Barentse, in accordance with the deed existing of the same, granted by the very honorable Heer governor general, under his Royal Highness James, duke of York over all his territories in America, without prejudicing the lease of Jan Broersen which shall continue. But the grantees T. Jacobsen and Anderies Pieters shall receive the rent from May next till the expiration of the lease for the farm with everything belonging to the same. The aforesaid purchasers shall pay the quantity of 1,350 sch. of wheat, under this condition, that at the expiration of the time no more or less than 25 sch. of wheat shall be sown. The 1,350 sch. shall be paid as follows, viz., one just third portion of the aforesaid quantity of wheat being 450 sch. of wheat in all grains at current market prices, in the following winter, February 1673. And precisely one year after the first, being 1674, again a just one-third portion of 900 sch. of wheat, being 300 sch. of wheat, and again in 1675, 300 sch. of wheat, in the same kind as mentioned above, and in 1676 again 300 sch. of wheat. Then Cornelis Barendtsen is obliged to grant a free and unencumbered conveyance, save the Lord's right. Parties promise to comply with the foregoing under obligation as per law, and have subscribed to the present besides Roelof Swartout and Wallerand DuMon, as witnesses requested for the purpose, this January 23, 1672, at Kingston. (Signatures)

December 18, 1675 - Appeared before me, W. Montagne, Secretary for the hon. court, Jan Broersen who admits having sold to Mr. Wm. Asforbie his farm situated under Marbletown, 20 morgens in extent, 15 morgen being on the second parcel across the great kill and further five morgen on the first piece, having prior to this belonged to Evert Prys and Samuel Olivier, as the same is limited as per deed existing of the same, with house and barn, the mountain plow, two pair of rope plow chains, the wagon, harrow and six stack-poles, lying there. For which Mr. Asforbie is to pay, once and for all, 700 sch. of good winter wheat, as much kersey as is necessary for a dress, and a new hat. The wheat shall be paid in two installments, the just half in March 1677, and precisely one year after the first installment the remaining half, to be delivered at Marbletown on half in wheat and one half in summer grain at market price, and then Jan Broersen is obliged to furnish a free and unencumbered conveyance, save the Lord's right. Parties promising to comply per law, and have subscribed to the present, besides the sherif Hall and Jan Jansen, witnesses invited for the purpose. The produce of the sowing of 20 sch. across the kil, growing on the field, is delivered free to Mr. Asforbie with the land, as per the conditions. Done this December 18, 1675 at Kingston. Jan Broersen shall surrender the house, barn and empty land in the month of March, or when said Asforbie shall commence plowing. (Signed) Jan Broersen, Wm. Asfordbie. (Signed) G. Hall, Jan Jansen. To which testifies, Wm. Montagne, Secretary.

Ulster Co. N.Y. Probate Records (Anjou, 1906 - See Note): p. 192 (Addenda)
Ibid., part A., p. 56. (T. D. R., II., p. 635)
Jan Broersen and his wife Willemtie Jacobsz

Testamentary disposition, dated June 1, 1682, at Kingston, and written in Dutch.

"Survivor to inherit everything, land, houses, money, moveables, etc. ." - Both signed their marks. No witnesses.

NOTE: Gustave Anjou has been discredited as a genealogy researcher and all records must be verified by going to the original source. These records are included not as direct evidence, but as clues to where this evidence may be found and verified. All Anjou records must be treated with suspicion. For more information see Genealogy Frauds at and the Gustave Anjou entry at

Reportedly immigrated on The Blue Cock, although no documentation has been found. See following from Sharilyn Whitaker:

"Jan BROERSE was on the muster roll of the garrison of
Wilwyck in 1661. In November of that year he sued
Christyntie CAPOENS, daughter of Dirck HOLGERSEN
(VOLCKERTSEN) and widow of Jacob HUYS"

See New Netherland Connections Vol.3 Number 3 for 1998, page 71
"Cappoens-Hay" written by Eunice H. Young, and edited and
published by Dorothy Koenig.

Christina Cappoens was bpt. 30 November 1614 Amsterdam, North Holland,
the New Church (S.L. #113,144) with witness Susanna de Latre to Hans
and his wife Sara Van Hooblit, who resided on Slyck Straet in

Her parents were Hans Laurijnse Cappoen and Sara Van Houck, who appears
Van Ho(oblit) in baptismal records, and also as Van Houck and Van
They were received as members into the Dutch Church at Vlissengen,
Holland 1
July 1625, "with attestations from Amsterdam", and thus a seach was
made of
the Amsterdam records, which revealed the baptisms of Christina and her

"DIRCK VOLKERTSE is referred to by various names in official documents
as Dirck Holgerson Norman, Dirck Volkerson the Norman, and Dirck
He was born about 1595-1600 and arrived in America between 1625-1630;
died about 1678-1680. He was a carpenter. Dirck married CHRISTINE VIGNE
about 1630-31; she was born about 1612; died 1663; daughter of
Vigne and Adrienne Cuvielle/Cuvelier.I have seven children for this
This was an entirely separate family from that of Christina Cappoens.
A distinction should be made between Jacob Hay/Hays/Hey/Haes and
Jacob Huys. They were two entirely separate individuals. Christina
husband was from London, England and the other Jacob Huys appears alive
well after the death of Christina's Jacob Hay.

The assertions, totally undocumented, that Jan Broersen emigrated as a
of ten from Bremerhaven, Germany and that he arrived in NA in 1644 on
Blue Cock were originally from:

Manuscript--Paternal Lineage of Frank Norton DECKER, N.Y.,Genealogical
Biographical Soc. Library, dated July 9,1935 by F.N. Decker, 1882-1958.
(Though many other later genealogies repeat very similar remarks, this
appears to be the earliest--None however cite authoritative documents
his presence on the "Blue Cock"). I am indebted to Robert Decker for
sharing this information about the origins of this story with me.

Importantly there is no documentation, no passenger list, nothing that
specifically names the passengers on The Blue Cock, other than Captain
De Vries who brought his personal West Indian servants and 130
soldiers, and
a number of refugees from strife in Brazil, plus crew. This has been
exhaustively searched for and simply does not exist. The first time
Hay shows up is in 1648 sponsoring an NA DRC baptism, and the first
time Jan
Broersen appears is ca 1657 in Wiltwyck.

There is absolutely nothing to connect either of them with The Blue
The court records say in one case "about 17 years" before the date of
which would be ca 1644, and in another case, Christina Cappoens refers
to it
having been about fifteen years ago. So in approximately that time
Jan Broersen was serving in Curacao and Santa Cruz with Jacob Hay. This
not emigration on The Blue Cock establish in my opinion anyway.


Sharilyn Whitaker

Willemje Jacobs

p. 30

Liber A., page 92. T. D. R., Liber 2, p. 104
Gerretsen, Albert, from Emberland.

Testamentary disposition, dated Sept. 3, 1665, and written in Dutch.

"To the poor of Wildwyck 8 schepels of wheat." - "Lawful wife, Willemtje Jacobs, shall rightfully "hold" the whole estate "for the love, chastity, faithfulness, and affection manifested towards him during their married life, and for other reasons." Signed by the testator, and witnessed by Jan Willemsen Hoochteylingk and Jan Joosten Van Meteren, both Commissaries in the village of Wildwyck.

(Willemtje Jacobs, widow of Albert Gerretsen, m. 2, May 11, 1668, Jan Cornelissen, of Gottenburgh, Sweden, and m. 3, Dec. 24, 1679, Jan Broerse Decker, widower of Jeyltje Jacobs, res. Marbletown.)

Source: Ulster County, N.Y. Probate Records, Anjou, 1906

Obviously incorrect date. Married (2nd) Albert Gerretsen in 1668 (Anjou, 1906), and Jan Broersen Decker in 1679, birth prior to 1848 more likely.