Descendants of Jan Broersen Decker


2. Jacob Jansse Decker

The date of 17 Nov 1658 is frequently given as the birth/baptism of Jacob Jansse Decker, however this is the baptism date of Jacobus Decker in the New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church. His father is listed as Johan (de) Decker. Jan Broersen did not use the name Decker until later. I do not know of a baptism record for Jacob Jansse Decker. Some have it listed as 1654, however this sounds improbable.

Belytje Jans Baastianssen

Several spellings of name include:
Belytje Jans Bastiansen
Belitje Bastianse
various spellings in baptismal records of her children.

From Calvin Emery

ID: I1608
Name: Belitje Bastianse CORTREGHT
_AKAN: Belytie Jans Bastianense
Sex: F
Birth: 1659 in Beest, Gelderland, Holland
Note: Although Belitje did not assume the Van Kortrecht surname, 2 brothers did She arrived from the Netherlands with her parents on 'De Bonte Koe'
(the Spotted Cow). Three siblings were also with the family on the voyage.

From OliveTree Genealogy:

DE BONTE KOE (The Spotted Cow)
Sailed from Amsterdam 16 April 1663, arrived in New Amsterdam betwen 11 May 1663 and 17 August 1663
Captain Jan Bergen

passengers include:
Theunis Bastiaensen Cool, and child, 8 yrs
Jan Bastiaensen, from Leerdam, and Wife and four children 19, 15, 12, & 6 yrs
Giel Bastiaensen, from Leerdam, and Wife and four children 8, 9, 5 & 1 yr

Sarah Menteren

Description: Prob Old Dutch Church

Her birth and chrisening dates are about 17 years apart, according to source.

20. Grietje Decker

18 Nov 1705 Jacob Dekker, Sara Menthorne, Grietje. Witnesses Filip Menthorne, en Benjamin Wynkiip, en Letticher Magriger.
Source: Baptisms in the Dutch Church, New York, 1639-1730, Thomas Grier Evans, 1901 (in Dutch)

23. Magdalena Decker

#2198 Jacob Dekker Magdalena Johannes Westbroek
Zara Minteren 1/24/1714 Madalena Dekker

3. Broer Janse Decker

From (Rodgers family)

Shortly after his daughter, Heyltie, was baptised in Albany in 1685, he and his small family settled down the river at Roeloff Jansen's kil (later known as Livingston's Creek, in Livingston's manor, in that part of Albany county which was set off as Columbia County in 1786). Here they had a son, Jan. Broer Jansen Decker and his family evidently moved from Roeloff Jansen's Kill across the Hudson to Kingston, where their 5 later children were baptised, as his signature to the formal address to Lord Canbury, Governor of the Province of New York, from the "Chiefest and Principal Inhabitants of the County of Ulster", dated Oct. 2, 1702, indicates. But Broer Jansen Decker returned to the northern part of Livingston Manor, where, with Jurrie Decker, he was listed as a freeholder in 1720.
He died there before 1722.

25. Jan Decker

1688 Jan 15; Broer Jansen, Cornelia Jurie; Jan; Johannes Westbroeck, Jan Broers, Helena Broers Jans


26. Jan Decker

#739 Broer Dekker Jan Johannes Westbroek
Cornelia Tappen 4/23/1693 Helena Dekker


4. Gaerleff Jans Decker

Wife, Magdalane Schut, is sister of Abraham Schut, spouse of Gerrit's neice Heyltie Decker.

#16 Jan Broersen Gaerleff Willempje Jacobs Andries Harmensen, gunner
Heyltje Jacobs 2/26/1662 Hendrick Aartsen Angeniet Caspers

Magdalena remarried in 1696.

Magdalena Willems Schut

Will of father, Willem Jansen Schutt (Source: Ulster Co. N.Y. Probate Records, Anjou 1906 - See Note)

p. 102
Schutt, Willem Jansen, of Shawangunk
Book of Deeds III. (CC), Marked 1718-1728, p. 169

Will dated May 6, 1706, and written in Dutch. [not included in this document]

Long religious preamble

My wife Grietje is to remain in full possession of my whole estate. 100 guldens to be paid by the widow to the children of my eldest son, Jan Schutt. - To sons Myndert Schutt and Solomon Schutt and daughters Magdaleen, Neyltie, and Marytie 100 guldens each. - To my son Abraham Schutt, my land at "Shawongonck" in consideration that he remains on my farm and in my service, and that he pays 600 guldens for said land.

(Willem Janz (Schut), m. Gritie Jacobs and had issue: i. Jan Willem, m. before Sept. 18, 1692, Marytje Ter Bos; ii. Solomon, bt. June 18, 1671 (s. of Willem Jansen and G.J.), m., before Jan 29, 1699, Jannetje Tysens (Sesums), m. 2., Sept. 1, 1712, Marytjen Mone, widow of Paulus Mone, b. in Hog-duysland (Germany); iii. Magdalena, b. Albany, m. 1., after Apr. 2, 1684, Gerrit Decker, m., 2., Apr. 22, 1696, Joris Middagh, b. Hycoop, Holland [incorrect, Magdalena remarried Rutsert Wintveld, marriage record 12 Jan 1696]; iv. Marytie; v. Abraham, b. Marbletown, m. 1., after Nov. 9, 1709, Heyltjen Dekkers, m., 2., Apr. 25, 1714, Geerthen Kortgregt; vi Meindert, m. before Nov. 16, 1694, Sara Jansen; vii. Neeltie, bt. Oct. 8, 1682; viii. Menasses, bt. Dec. 30, 1683, and ix. Ephraim, bt. Same day).

NOTE: Gustave Anjou has been discredited as a genealogy researcher and all records must be verified by going to the original source. These records are included not as direct evidence, but as clues to where this evidence may be found and verified. All Anjou records must be treated with suspicion. For more information see Genealogy Frauds at and the Gustave Anjou entry at

5. Grietje Janse Decker

#43 Jan Broersen Grietje Willem Jansen Schut
Heyltjen Jacobs 8/31/1664 Grietjen Jans

Gerret Janse Decker

Description: Child of Jan Gerrtson Decker.

#51 Jan Gerretsen Gerret Hendrick Vosman Grietjen Hendricks 2/14/1665 Mariken Everingh

Source: Hoes, Baptismal and Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York 1660-1809

6. Maddelen Janse Decker

#72 Jan Broersen Maddelen Aeltjen Claes Mariken Appels
Heyltjen Jacobs 10/3/1666 Ariaen Appels

Johannes Westbroek

Ulster Co. N.Y. Probate Records (Anjou, 1906):

p. 112-113
Westbrook, Johanes, of Knightfield. Liber 10, p. 422.

Will dated Jan. 25, 1725/6 and written in Dutch.

"My dear wife Magdalena shall remain in possession of my whole estate during her natural life." "To my youngest son Dirck, when he marries, a good horse and a cow, similar to what my other children has received. " "To my eldest son Anthony three schillings, in advance, as his right of primogeniture." "To my youngest son after his mother's death, a good horse, and a good mare, and a (grazing?) cow." "To my six children by name Anthony, Johanes, Cornelius, Dirck, Sarah, wife of Cornelius Van Aken, and Antie, wife of Jacob Van Eten my whole estate." "Each one of my six children shall pay equally to the little son of my deceased daughter Ursulla, called Benjamin." Wife and sons Anthony and Johanes appointed executors. Witnessed by Jacob Rutsen, Jr., Nicholas Roosa, Jan Hardenberg, William Nottingham. Proved Apr. 10, 1727.

(Johannes W., b. Albany (s. of Jonathan W., an officer in Cromwell's army, and later on, a resident of Rochester, whose sons, Johannes and Derck, took the oath of allegiance in 1689), m., after May 12, 1687, Magdalena Jansen (Lena Dekker), and had: i. Antony, bt. Apr. 17, 1691, m., Apr. 30, 1714, Aaltjen Van Etten, b. Hurley; ii. Sarah, bt. June 10, 1694, m., Apr. 30, 1714, Cornelus Van Aken; iii. Johannes, bt. July 19, 1696, iv. Johannes, bt. Jan. 9, 1698, m., Dec. 19, 1715, Antjen Roosa; v. Ante, bt. July 28, 1700, m., Apr. 22, 1719, Jacob Van Etten, b. Hurley; vi. Cornelius, bt. March 14, 1703, m., Apr 10, 1724, Annatjen Roosa; vii. Dirk, bt. Dec. 15, 1706, m., May 12, 1728, Janneken Van Keuren.)

(Also downloaded November 4, 2004 from

40. Heyltjen Westbroek

Possibly married Enoch Vreeland (1718): 1 record from

Also listed as such at

Also listed as such at, with reference to LDSC and Westbrook Family History

35 647 1690 Johannes Wesbrook Heyltje The Father.
25 May (Wife's name not given) Rachel Bogardus.
Cornelis Bogardus.

Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Kingston, Ulster, NY.

Enoch Vreeland

See marriage note.

43. Johannes Westbroek

#914 Johannes Westbroek Johannes Cornelis Decker
Lena Decker 7/19/1696 Elsje ten Broek

Source: Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Kingston, Ulster, NY

7. Cornelius Jansen Decker

Cornelis Jansen DECKER married, 22 Dec. 1695, to Elsie TEN BROECK, daughter of Wessel Wesselsen TEN BROECK and Maria TEN EYCK. Following their marriage, they removed from Kingston to what was in their day an undeveloped, inaccessible region in the center of Ulster County on the west side of the Shawangunk Kill. A log house was built there by Cornelis and Elsie DECKER, which was followed by a stone house erected by their son Johannes, who married, 1720, Cornelia WYNKOOP, and secondly, 1726, Marytie JANSEN.
Marinus Schoonmaker, HISTORY OF KINGSTON, NEW YORK (1888), pp.489-490;
Helen Wilkinson Reynolds, DUTCH HOUSES IN THE HUDSON VALLEY (1929), p.189.

Description: One source has date of 1662

Elsie Ten Broek

From 'The Ten Broeck Family of New York'
3. Elsie was born in 1676, and died on July 9, 1717. She married at Kingston on December 22, 1695 to Cornelius Jansen Decker, who was also a resident of Kingston. He died on March 4, 1702. They had four children, all baptized at the Old Dutch Reformed Church of Kingston, NY. They are:
I. Johannes Decker was baptized on August 16, 1696, with his grandfather Wessel ten Broek and his wife Laurentia vá Kellenaar as sponsors. Johannes died on January 23, 1742. He married on December 29, 1720 to Catrina Wyncoop, the daughter of Evert Wyncoop and Gertrude Elmendorf. Catrina (Catharina) was baptized at Kingston on December 17, 1699, with Jacobus Elmendorp and Jenneke Elmendorp as sponsors. Johannes married (2nd) on May 17, 1726 to Maria (Mary) Jansen (Jansz), the daughter of Matthys Jansen and Rachel Popinger. Maria was baptized at Kingston on September 3, 1704, with Thomas Popinga and Aaltje Popinga as sponsors.
II. Maria Decker was baptized on May 1, 1698. She married on the presentation of a license of Lieut.-Gov. George Clarke at the Old Dutch Reformed Church of Kingston, NY on November 11, 1738 to Johannes de la Meter.
III. Heyltje Decker was baptized on January 14, 1700, with Jacob Decker and Magdalena Westbroeck as sponsors.
IV. Wessel Decker was baptized on January 25, 1702, with the childs grandfather Wessel ten Broek and his aunt Geertruy ten Broek as sponsors.

From 'Ten Eyck Family of New York' (web

19. Elsie4 Ten Broeck (Maria3 Ten Eyck, Coenraedt2 , Wilhelm1 ) was born 1676 in Kingston, Ulster, NY, and died 09 Jul 1717 in Kingston, Ulster, NY. She married (1) Cornelius Jansen Decker 22 Dec 1695 in Kingston, Ulster, NY, son of Jan Decker and Heyltje Jacobs. He was born Abt. 1670 in Ulster Co., NY, and died 03 Apr 1702 in Ulster Co., NY. She married (2) Abraham Smedes 29 Apr 1707. He was born Abt. 1676.
Children of Elsie Ten Broeck and Cornelius Decker are:

+ 76 i. Johannes5 Decker, born 16 May 1696 in Kingston, Ulster, NY; died 23 Jan 1741/42.

77 ii. Maria Decker, born Bef. 01 May 1698 in Kingston, Ulster, NY. She married Johannes Delameter 11 Nov 1738; born Bef. 04 Jul 1697 in Kingston, Ulster, NY; died 1756.

78 iii. Heyltje Decker, born Bef. 14 Jan 1699/00 in Kingston, Ulster, NY. She married (1) David Davidsz. She married (2) Hendrik Van Weyje; born Abt. 1700.

79 iv. Wessel Decker, born Bef. 25 Jan 1701/02 in Kingston, Ulster, NY.

Also: Will of father Wessel Ten Broeck: (Source: Ulster Co., N.Y. Probate Records, Anjou, 1906)
p. 66-68
Book of Deeds I (AA), p. 319
Ten Broeck, Wessel, Senior, of Foxhall
Will dated Febr. 14, 1695/6, and written in Dutch [not included in this document]

Long religious preamble.

My will and desire is that the marriage contract with my wife Laurentja Kellenaar shall be fulfilled. - To my eldest son, Wessel Ten Broeck, four morgen land of my farm land, the just fourth part of my whole farm, my farm to be divided in four parcels of morgens, my son to pay to my three other sons the value of the said land, as appraised by uninterested witnesses. When my sons reach the age of majority, my son Wessel is to have 1/8 of my house and ground in Kingston, and 1/8 of all my personal estate, and my said son shall be permitted to take the choice of one of my negroes, and to allow therefore a sum of £36 in personal property. - I order that none of my heirs shall prevent or try to prevent the running of the water needed for my sons' grounds and mills. My said son to pay to my four daughters Maria, Elsie, Geetruy and Sara 1000 schepels of wheat, each one quarter, payable in four years. - To my son Coenraat Ten Broeck the just fourth part of my whole farm, except what has been devised to my son Wessel. Also one eight part of my house and ground in Kingston, and one eight part of my whole personal estate, and to pay the quantity of 1000 schepels of wheat to my four daughters (as above). - Similar bequest to son Johannis. - Similar bequest to son Jacob. - To my four daughters, Maria, wife of Charles Broadhead, Elsie, wife of Cornelis Decker, Geertruy and Sara ten Broeck, 102 acres of land, to be equally divided between them, situated near the land of Gerrit Aartse, according to the deed, and one half of my whole personal estate, as well as 4000 schepels of wheat to be received from my sons, on terms already stated. - My sons are not to sell their portions of my farm, except between themselves, and my three youngest sons' shares shall not be disposed of until the youngest one has reached the age of majority. - My son Wessel shall be bound to educate, maintain and teach my younger sons to read and write, and to let them acquire some profession or trade, which will be best for them. - If any of the minors should die, his portion to be divided among the other sons, they to pay to the daughters such sums as the deceased may have been indebted to them. - My unmarried daughters, Geertruy and Sara are to have, when they marry, an outfit of beds and what thereto belongs, as well as clothing, similar to what my other married daughters received.)

Son Wessel ten Broeck appointed executer, with "schoonsoons Charles Brodhead, En Cornelis Decker."
Signed by the testator

Jan Lathaer (his mark)
Abram Tietsoo
W.D. Meyer
(On Jan. 6, 1704/5 appeared before the Court Wm. De Meyer and Liftenant Jan Lathair, proving the will.)
(See his will, supra).

FreeFormatDate:Jun 9, 1725?

51. Wessel Decker

#1294 Cornelius Janssen Decker Wessel Wessel ten Broek, junior
Elsje ten Broek 1/25/1702 Geertruy ten Broek

8. Tietje Jans Decker

Name shows up later as Tietje, baptismal record shows Fietje

#112 Jan Broersen Fietie Hilletie Hendrick
Heyltie Jacobs 6/18/1671 Hendrick Alberts

Source: Baptismal and Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston,
Ulster County, New York, 1660-1809, Hoes

52. Elizabeth van Campen

584 Johannes Gersen Lysbeth Jan Crouts
Titje Jansen 19 Aug 1688 Mechtel [surname not given]

Source: Baptismal & Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY

59. Mechteld van Campen

Birth in Marbletown given in marriage record.

#1498 Jan van Campen Mechteld Henrik Schoonmaker
Tietje Dekkers 4/15/1705 Heyltje Dekkers

Source: Baptismal & Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY

Jan Roosa, junior, wid. of Megtel Van Kampen remarried Eva Kaarwater in 1739, Banns registered 30 Sep.

Jan Roosa

Birth in Marbletown given in marriage record

1095 Jan Roos Jan Allert Janssen Roos
Grietje Hendricks 28 May 1699 Jannetje Hendricks

Source: Baptismal & Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY

61. Nicolaas van Campen

#1880 Jan Van Kampen Nicolaas Nicolaas Hofman
Titje Dekkers 11/12/1710 Jannejte Krispel

Source: Baptismal & Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY

62. Jannetjen van Campen

#2016 Jan Van Kampen Jannetjen Niklaas Hofman
Tietjen Dekkers 1/20/1712 Jannetjen Kropel

Source: Baptismal & Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY

9. Jurien Jan Decker

Albany County, New York, Census 1720
A list of the freeholders of the city and county of Albany. 1720.

The north part of the Mannor of Livingston:
Decker, Broer
Decker, Jurie

63. Johanna Decker

#174 4.7.1713
Georg Johann Decker Johanna Joris Decker
Maria b. 4.3 Arianicke Decker

Arthur C.M. Kelly, Baptism Record, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, West Camp, NY, 1975
[On file at Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, 6/27/2009]

65. Sara Decker

#23 Juriaen Decker (___ah)a Jacobus Decker
Maria Decker 10/17/1724 Sara Warnen

66. Maria Decker

#460 6.14.1727
Jurge Jan Dekker Marya Willem Van Orde &
Marya b. 4.29 Temperans / wife

Arthur C.M. Kelly, Baptism Record, St. Paul's Lutheran Church, West Camp, NY, 1975
[On file at Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, 6/27/2009]