Descendants of Jan Broersen Decker


24. Heyltje Decker

One source lists Maria Parker as mother of Heyletje. Unsure if Heyletje is child of this Broer Jans.

[Also: Baptismal Record:

4.19 Broer Jansz 106 Heyltje Jeames Parkar
Maria Parkar

Source: Baptismal Records of Reformed Church, Albany NY (Library of Michigan)]

158. Margarita Rouwville

30 Jan 1709 - Margarita, of Antoine Rowville and Heyltje Dekker. Wit.: Cornelis Teeuwisse Mulder, Jurriaan Dekker, Hilletje Mulder.

Source: Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany (

1.30 Antoine Rowville 1947 Margarita Cornelius Teeuwisse Mulder
Heyltje Dekker Jurriaan Dekker
Hilletje Muder

Source: Baptismal Records of Reformed Church, Albany NY (Library of Michigan)

27. Joris Decker

Joris Decker and Ariaantje Decker (Brother and Sister) married Lyntje Whitbeck and Jan Hendricks Whitbeck (Sister and Brother)

#893 Broer Decker Joris Teunis Tappen
Cornelia Tappen 2/9/1696 Sara Schepmoes

Source: Baptismal and Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster Co. NY, 1660-1809, Hoes

Lyntje Whitbeck

2.28 Hendrik Witbik 1413 Lyntje Jeremias Mulder
Lyntje Winne Teuntje Janse

Source: Baptismal Record of Reformed Dutch Church Albany (Library of Michigan)

159. Hendrickus Decker

Description: C10

161. Joris Decker

Description: Gt62

62 1735 (no date given, second record of this year) Joris Decker, Lyntje Decker, Joris. Witness: Aarth Middag, Hesther Middagh.

Source: Germantown Reformed Church records.

162. Lyntje Decker

Source: Tombstone of husband

Source: Tombstone of husband

See husband for tombstone information

Michael Herder

Tombstone information:

Harder, Michael J.
Born March 19, 1743
Died June 20, 1824
Spouse Lyntje Decker
Born 1758
Died Jan. 20, 1834

Cemetery Mellenville Union (Route 217)
Town Claverack
County Columbia NY


Michael J Harder died June 20, 1824 aged 81 y. 3 mo. 1 day.
Lyntjie, relict of Michael Harder died Jan. 20, 1834 aged 76 years

Service: Robertts: New York in the Revolution Pvt., 8th Regiment, Albany Co. Militia

Source: Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in Columbia Co., NY, Vol II, Compiled by Esther Griswold French, 1978
(Library of Michigan)

28. Ariantje Decker

Joris Decker and Ariaantje Decker (Brother and Sister) married Lyntje Whitbeck and Jan Hendricks Whitbeck (Sister and Brother)

#1061 Broer Decker Ariaantje Abraa la Maeter
Cornelia Tappen 9/25/1698 Elsje Tappen

Jan Hendrickse Whitbeck

12.26 Henderik Jansz 530 Jan Live Winnen
Lyntje Winnen Geertruy Jansz

(Note: Verification that this is Jan Henrickse Whitbeck can be found in his sister's ancestry record in 1703, listing parents as Hendrik Witbik and Lyntje Winne)

Source: Baptismal Record of Reformed Dutch Church Albany (Library of Michigan)

169. Gabriel Whitbeck

Description: prob died young

171. Jacob Whitbeck

Description: bap. at Veyt Mysich's house

29. Jacobus Decker

#1240 Broer Decker Jacobus Cornelius Decker
Cornelia Tappens 5/26/1701 Elsje ten Broek

174. Jannetje Decker

#199 Jacobus Decker Jannetje Jan Decker, & wife
Annatje Schmid 10/9/1742 Theysje Decker

175. Jacobus Decker

Description: Gt 243

30. Jan Broersen Decker

Named after a deceased brother.

#1491 Broer Dekker Jan Salomon Davits
Cornelia Tappen 9/10/1704 Catharina Beekman

Source: Records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston, NY. Roswell Hoes.

Jacomyntje Fynhoudt

born Schenectady, Schenecatady Co, NY?
bap. Kingston RDC?

1704 Sep 03; Arent Fynhout, Marytje Viele; Jacomyntje; Stephanus Viele, Janneke Elmendorp

184. Jacob L Decker

Appears married to Sarah Spoor, based on the following baptisms at the Gallatinville Reformed Church:

5/10/1767 Jacob L. Decker Geesje Jacob Vosburg
359 Sara Spoor Claertje Spoor

10/11/1772 Jacob Decker __bram Cornelis Decker
487 Sara Spoor Rebecca Spoor

6/19/1775 Jacob Decker Gertruy Wilhelmus Torner, & wife
533 Sarah Spoor Geertruy Dekker

6/13/1778 Jacob Decker Lorentz Robert van Deusen
623 Sara Spoor Maria Green

Notes: Name in first record matches middle initial, and Jacob has a brother Cornelis and sister Geertje, and in-laws named Vosburg. Other members of this family had children baptised at this church.

185. Geertje Decker

#301 Jan Decker Geertje Joris Decker
Jacomyntje Fynhout 5/13/1750 Leentje Witbeeck

31. Jacob Gerritse Decker

All children seem to be born in Ulster Co., but towns vary from Kingston, Wagondale, & Shawangunk.


His christening record is #355.

Coulter writes that he was born in 1684 (no surprise here), and, along with his wife, are considered the progenitors of the Shawangunk Decker families.

1684 Feb 24; Gerrit Janse Decker, Magdalena Schut; Jacob; Willem Janz Schut, Willemtie

Geertje Van Wagenen

Will of father, Jacob Aartsen (of Wagendal), dated 7 March 1716/7. (Source: Ulster Co. N.Y. Probate Records, Anjou, 1906 - See Note)

p. 93-95
Book of Deeds II. (BB), Marked 1710, p. 471
Aartsen, Jacob, of Wagendal
Will dated Oct. 5, 1714, and written in Dutch. [not included in this document]

My beloved wife Sara to remain in full possession of my entire estate, and if she should happen to marry, she shall have one third of the income and profit of my entire estate. To my eldest son Aart my great bible and a confirmation-book with the name of Petrum de Witte, and my gun; if he should die, then all to go to his eldest son Jacob. To my youngest son Isaac my great chest which I inherited from my father and all my clothing of my body. My youngest daughter Sara shall immediately after her mother's death have her mother's clothing, a new clothing chest, and a new table which Thomas Beekman made, and a tin-comb, two iron-potts, a large one and a small one, and my house-mirror which we now use, and two milk cows, and a new Sunday dress, which I give for my daughter Sara's marriage-outfit. Sara Kool, daughter of Symon Kool, shall have a bed with belongings and a new Sunday dress, and a milk-cow. - To my daughter Rebecca, wife of Jan Ffrere, a certain piece of land, situated to the northwest and northeast of the wood-land, conveyed to Jan Ffrer and southwest to Ronduyts Kill, from there running with a straight line to a stone in the ground in said farmland near a little moat (or ditch), and from there to a small marked oak tree (Schemmelbast, i.e. with mouldy bark), standing at a little kill, which is the boundary of said wood-land, round the Ronduyts kill, then along the same to the first mentioned stone. Also a piece of land, situated on the southeast side of Ronduyts Kill, running from a certain little outlet, which runs from the mountain to the kill in a north-eastern direction, adjoining the land of William West and the land of Coll. Henricus Beekman, to have the free privilege to cut wood and haul stone. Also to said daughter 1/12 part of my entire estate, except what has been previously divised. To my other children Aart Evert, Symon, Jacob, Benjamin, Abraham, Isaac, Annetie Geertie wife of Jacob Decker, Jannetie wife of Johannis Turck, my entire estate.

J. Hardebergh
Tjerck Mattysen
Corenlis D. Lametter
Pittre Wambomez

(Major Johannis Hardenbergh, Tjerck Mattysen & Cornelius De La Matter appeared before the Court on March 7, 1716/7, proving the will of "Major Jacob Aertsen, late of the Corporation Kingston deceased.")

(Jacob Aertsen (Van Wagenen)), s. of Aert Jacobsen (Van Wagonen), (see Gerrit Aartse), b. Febr. 14, 1652, m., Febr. 25, 2677, Sara, dau. Of Evart Pels, b. July 3, 1659, and had issue: i. Annatje, bt. Sept 15, 1678, m. Jan Heermans (q.v.); ii. Aaert, bt. Oct. 26, 2679, d. June 10, 1740, m. Oct. 14, 1706, Marytje, bt. Jan 1, 1886, d. June 20, 1733, d. of Pieter Low and Lysbet Blanchan; iii. Evert, bt. Apr. 24, 1681, m. ab. 1709, Hillegond, bt. N.Y., Nov. 14, 1686, dau. Of Claes Jansen Van Heyningen and Janneken Kiersen; removed to near Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., vi. Geertje, bt. Sept. 5, 1686, m., Sept. 17, 1709, Jacob Gerritse Decker, bt. Febr. 24, 1684, s. of Gerrit Janse D. and Magdalena Schut; vii Jannetje. Bt. Apr. 8, 1688, d. y.; viii. Jannetje, bt. Apr. 14, 1689, m., Oct. 7, 1711, Johannis Turk, bt. May 16, 1687, s. of Jacobus T. and Catryntje Van Benthuysen; ix. Gerrit, bt. May 26, 1691, d. Nov. 17, 1709; x. Symon, bt. Jan 1, 1697, m. may 28, 1726, Elisabeth, dau. Of Gysbert van den Berg and Diewertje Masten (q.v.); xiii, Abraham, bt. Febr. 12, 1699, m., Febr. 26, 1726, Hilligard Crisipel, b. Apr. 17, 1704, d. Febr. 22 1774. He died June 7, 1787 (see his will); xiv. Sara, bt. Dec. 21, 1701, m., Apr. 7, 1721, Solomon, b. at New Paltz, Oct 17, 1686, s. of Abraham Hasbrouck and Maria Deyo (q.v.); xv. Isaac, bt. Aug 22, 1703, m., march 10, 1723, Catrina Freer).

NOTE: Gustave Anjou has been discredited as a genealogy researcher and all records must be verified by going to the original source. These records are included not as direct evidence, but as clues to where this evidence may be found and verified. All Anjou records must be treated with suspicion. For more information see Genealogy Frauds at and the Gustave Anjou entry at

1686 Sep 05; Jacob Aartzen, Sara Pels; Geertie; Willem J. van Tongeres, Neeltie Aartz

Source: Kingston DRC Baptisms 1660-1809, retrieved from

Source: Ulster Co. N.Y. Probate Records (Anjou, 1906) - author's notes.
[Note: Anjou 1906 is an unproven source]

189. Jacob Decker

Married Cuti Terwilliger & Eve Buchstaber?

#2354 Jacob Dekker Jacob Jacob Van Wagening
Geertjen Van Wagening 12/18/1715 Jannetjen a: Wagening

190. Abraham Decker

#2547 Jacob Geritsz Dekker Abraham Aart Van Wagening
Geertjen Van Wagening 1/5/1718 Marytjen Lo

194. Magdalena Decker

Married Hendrickus Terwilliger, Kingston, 8/22/1749?

FreeFormatDate:Poss. born Shawangunk

195. Elisabeth Decker

Married Joseph Westbrook 1749?

196. Jonathan Decker

Married Catherine Terwilge in 1749 in the Old Dutch Church?

#3827 Jacob Dekker Jonathan Johannes Swart
Geertjen van Wageningen 12/15/1728 Antjen Wyn koop

Description: Revolutionary War

Decker, Jonathan: b 8-30-1728 NY d 2- -1790 NY m (1) Catherina Terwilliger (2) Maria Van Steenberger Pvt NY

Will of Jonathan Decker (of Montgomery), Ulster Co., N.Y. Probate Records (Anjou, 1906), appears to be this Jonathan Decker:

p. 52
Decker, Jonathan, of Montgomery. p. 160

Will dated June 23, 1789.

"To my beloved Wife Mary the sole Management & direction of my Farm and Family so long as she shall remain my Widow." - "To my son Jonathan a certain Bond which I have against Isaac Hasbrouck late of Kiserick deceased Conditioned or the payment of £79.10 with interest also Two Horses One Waggon, on Plow & Tackle, one Harrow, one Slay and Tackle also all my wearing apparel." - "To the children which my said wife Mary has born by me" "the Goods and Furniture which" she "brought with her when she married me." - Residue to all the Daughters," except the sum of 10 shillings "which I bequeath to my son Eleaser which with what he has already amounts to his full share of my Estate, Excepting Also the Tenement on which I live as also about two acres of Land adjoining said Tenement, which land and Tenement I give" "to my said son Jonathan" "excepting also out of the legacies to all my daughters One Milk Cow, which" "I give" "to my beloved Wife Mary, providing nevertheless that no division of the property bequeathed to my daughters shall take place before the youngest surviving daughter shall arrive at the age of 18 years."

Wife "and my Trusty Friends David Hunter and Cornelius Brink" appointed executers.

Jonathan Decker (his mark)

David Hunter
Moses Miller
James G. Graham

(Febr. 16, 1790, David Hunter of Montgomery, Yeoman, appeared before the Surrogate, proving the will, and signatures of the other witnesses.)
(Original will in box 11; red seal with impression of a coin.)

32. Willem Decker

#531 Gariet Decker Willem Willem Jansen
Magdalena Willems 11/6/1687 Grietje Willems

Rachel Van Aken

1695 Jun 09; Marinus Van Aken, Piternelle Du Pree; Rachel; Salomon Du Boy, Rachel Sleghtenhorst

197. Lena Decker

#2729 Willem Dekker Lena Ysaak Van Aaken
Rachel Van Aaken 1/10/1720 Leentjen Zuyland
Notes Bp'd in Raysester (Rochester)

198. Abraham Decker

#2957 Willem Dekker Abraham Willem West, and his wife
Rachel Van Aaken 1/14/1722

Neeltjen Roosa

632 Heyman Roos Neeltje No Witnesses named
Anna Margriet Rosevevelt 13 Oct 1689

Source: Baptismal & Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY

199. Catrina Decker

#3429 Willem Dekker Catrina Matheus Terwilligen
Neeltjen Roosa 1/16/1726 Helena Roosekrans
Notes Bp'd in Raysester (Rochester)

Source: Baptismal & Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY

200. Liedia Decker

3709 Willem Dekker Liedia Moses Niclasz de Pue
Neeltjen Roosa 2/11/1728 Marytjen de Pue

33. Grietjen Decker

Not to be confused with Grietje Decker, daughter of Grietje Decker and Gerrit Jans Decker (son of Jan Gerritson), who married Thomas Quick.

1691 Oct 04; Gerrit J. Dekker, Magdaleentje Willemsen; Grietje; Broer Dekker, Cornelia Jurriaansen

Cornelis Decker

#656 Jacob Dekker Cornelis The Father Dirk Jansen Schepmoes
Wife's name not given 5/25/1690 Marietje Schepmoes

34. Neeltje Decker

Wedding record states Neeltje born in Shawangunk.

#811 Gerrit Dekker Neeltje Gerrit Wynkoop
Lena Schut 6/10/1694 Hilletje Foken

Louwerens Decker

Description: possibly 1683?

In his will, dated Mar 8, 1746 and probated on 13 Nov 1746, he mentions the following children:


His executors were Joseph Perry and Richard Edsall. Witnesses: Thomas Wright, Thomas Dekay and Daniel Brown.

Source: Mary Rulison -

35. Heyltje Gerritse Decker

May have married Hendrick Schoonmaker 25 Nov 1704 and moved to Minisink. (History of Kingston, p 488)

Hendrick SCHOONMAKER, son of Jochem Hendricksz and Petronella (SLEGHT) SCHOONMAKER, married (bns.) 25 Nov. 1704, to Heyltje Gerritse DECKER, bapt. 10 January 1686, dau. of Gerret Jansen and Grietje (JANS) DECKER. They had children: Petronella SCHOONMAKER m. 1724 Joseph WHEELER; Garret SCHOONMAKER m. Catherine DEPUY; Henry SCHOONMAKER m. Joanna DECKER; Helena SCHOONMAKER m. Joseph HENDRICKS; Jochem SCHOONMAKER (1712-1751) m. Rachel VANGORDON; Sarah SCHOONMAKER m. Johannes ROSENCRANS and Andries COOL; Benjamin SCHOONMAKER m. 1752 Elizabeth DEPUY; Daniel SCHOONMAKER m. Anna PRYS (PRICE); and Catherine SCHOONMAKER m. William DEVOOR.
Shoemaker, Benjamin H., SHOEMAKER PIONEERS (1975), pp.9-10;
Decker, Benton Weaver, THE DECKER GENEALOGY (1980).


#443 Gerard Deckers Heyltie Hendrik Deckers
Margriet Deckers 1/10/1686 Magdaleen Deckers

Hendrick Schoonmaker

Will of father Jochem Schoonmaker contains information pertaining to family of Hendrick (Source: Ulster Co. N.Y. Probate Records, Anjou, 1906):

p. 114-115
Schoonmaker, Jochem, of Kingston. Liber 11, p. 42.

Will dated Dec. 9, 1729, and written in Dutch.

"My wife Antje Hussey shall have a moderate support by my executers, who shall divide from the yearly rents among the other heirs whatever may be left over, after my wife's maintenance. My wife shall also have the use of a cow from the house where I live, and half of the cellar, and half of the orchard. To my son, Cornelis Schoonmaker, above his portion of my estate, the choice of my horses, for his right of primogeniture. To my eight sons by name Romulos, Hendrick, Frederick, Jacobus, Benjamin, Jan, Jochem, Daniel, all my real estate. I appoint as my heirs my 15 children, by name (the above mentioned sons), and Tryntje, wife of Jacobus Bruyn, Eltie, widow of Joseph Hasbrouck, Jacomyntie, wife of Johannes Miler, Greetie, wife of Cornelis Wynkoop, and Sarah, wife of Jacobus Depuis." - Sons Cornelis, Frederick, and Jacobus appointed executors. Witnessed by . Hardenbergh, Jurian Tappan, Hendrick Sluyt, Gerrit Van Wagenen.

(Proved before Edward Whitaker, Ulster Co., Nov. 7, 1730. - Jochem S., b. Albany (eldest son of Hendrick Jochemse S. and Eliza Janse, dau. of Jan Janse Brestede, and widow of Adriaen Petersen (Van Alcmaer), a native of Hamburg Germany, who came over in the military service of the Dutch West India Company, an innholder at Fort Orange. After his death his widow m., Sept. 26, 1684, Cornelis Barentsen Slecht, see Tryntjie Barentsen), m. 1., Aug. 16, 1679, Petronella Sleght, dau. of Cornelis Barentjse S. and Tryntje Tysen Bos. She d. ab. 1687, and he m., 2., Apr. 28, 1689, Anna Hussey (Horsi) (bt. June 27, 1670, dau. of Frederick Hussey and Margaret, his wife). Jochem S. was supervisor of Rochester 1709-1712, and Captain of a company for defense against the Indians. Issue: i. Cornelis, bt. Jan. 15, 1682, (d. Oct. 14, 1757), m., Nov. 25, 1711, Engeltje Roosa (bt. Sept. 20, 1685, dau. of Arie R. and Maria Pels); ii. Hendrick, bt. Aug. 17, 1683, m. Nov. 24, 1704, Heyltie Decker (bt. Jan. 10, 1686, dau. of Gerrit and Margaret D.); iii. Tryntje, bt. Nov. 22, 1684 (d. Aug. 27, 1763), m., Nov. 18, 1704, Jocobus Bruyn, s. of Jacobus B. and Gertruyd Yselstein; iv. Eltie, bt. Dec. 12, 1684 (d. New Paltz, July 27, 1764), m. Oct. 27, 1706, Joseph Hasbrouck (bt. Oct. 23, 1684, d. Jan. 28, 1724, s. of Abraham H. and Margaret Deyo); v. Jacomynje, bt. Apr. 29, 1687, m., Sept. 22, 1726, Johannes Miller. Issue by 2d wife: vi. Rebecca, bt. Aug 24, 1690; vii. Frederick, bt. Jan. 28, 1692, m. 1., march 1, 1713, Anne De Witt (bt. March 15, 1696, dau. of Jacob De Witt and Grietje Vernooy (see Tjerck Classen De Witt), m. 2., Febr. 6, 1717, Eva Swartwout (bt. Nov. 16, 1694, dau. of Thomas S. and Elisabeth Gardiner); viii. Jan. bt. June 3, 1694, m. June 7, 1730, Margaret Hoornbeck (bt. Apr. 13, 1713, dau. of Lodewyck H. and Maria Vernooy); ix. Margriet, bt. Dec. 15, 1695, m., Febr. 14, 1716, Moses Depuy (bt. Sept. 27, 1691, s. of Moses D. and Maria Wynkoop); x. Jacobus, bt. May 8, 1698, m. Oct. 15, 1729, Maria Rosenkrans 9bt. Dec. 19, 1714, dau of Alexander R. and Maria Depuy); xi. Elisabeth, bt. Febr. 18, 1700, m. Sept. 3, 1719, Benjamin Depuy (bt. Oct. 13, 1695, s. of Moses D. and Maria Wynkoop); xii. Benjamin, bt. Apr. 19, 1702, m., may 10, 1722, Catherine Depuy (bt. Nov. 30, 1701, dau. of Moses D. and Maria Wynkoop); xiii. Antje (Heyltje), bt. Aug. 11, 1706, m., Oct. 12, 1709, Cornelius Wynkoop (bt. March 25, 1711, s. of Jacobus W. and Jannetje Bogardus); xiv. Sara, bt. June 20, 1708, m. Aug. 26, 1725, Jacbous Depuy (bt. Sept. 19, 1703, s. of Moses D. and Maria Wynkoop); xv. Jochem, bt. Oct. 12, 1710, m., May 11, 1730, Lydia Rosenkrans (bt. May 3, 1713, dau. of Dirck R. and Wyntje Kierstede (dau. of Roelof K.); xvi. Daniel, bt. Febr. 22, 1713, m. Oct 26, 1733, Magdalena Jansen (bt. June 21, 1711, dau. of Thomas J. and Mayken Bogaard); Romulus).

(The other children of Hendrick Jochemse S. and Elsie Janse were: ii. Egbert, b. Albany. M., Oct. 13, 1683, Aannatje, dau. of Samuel Berry, iii. Engeltje, bt. March 18, 1663, m. 1., Nicholas Anthony (q.v.), bt. N.Y., Jan. 28, 1657, s. of Allerd A. and Henrica Wessels, m. 2., Apr. 30, 1699, Stephen Gasherie, from Marenna, France; iv. Hendrick, bt. May 17, 1665, m., march 24, 1688, Geertruy De Witt (bt. Oct. 15, 1668, dau. of Tjerck Classen De Witt and Barbara Andriesen; v. Volckert, bt. May 17, 1665; vi. Hillitje, bt. Oct. 20, 1669.)

1683 Aug 17; Jochem Hendricz, Pietronella Slegt; Hendric; Egbert Hendricz, Engeltie Hendricz

213. Petronella Schoonmaker

#1520 Hendrik Schoonmaker Petronella Gerrit Wynkoop
Grietie Dekker 3/17/1706 Hilletie Fokke

214. Gerrit Schoonmaker

#1694 Hendrik Schoonmaak Gerrit Jan Dekkers
Heiltje Dekkers 6/20/1708 Neeltje Rosa

216. Helena Schoonmaker

#1950 Hendrik Schoonmaker Helena Harmanus Dekker
Heyltjen Dekker 5/20/1711 Rachel Mantanje

217. Jochem Schoonmaker

#2077 Hendrik Schoonmaker Jochem Jochem Schoonmaker
Heyltjen Dekker 10/26/1712 Anna Horsy

218. Sarah (Zara) Schoonmaker

Johannis Rosenkrans (married Sarah Schoonmaker), son of Hendrick Rosenkrans and Annatje Vredenburg, was first cousin of Johannis Rosenkrans (married Grietje de Witt), son of Alexander Rosenkrans and Marretje DePue. Sarah Schoonmaker and Grietje de Witt are first cousins.

#2363 Hendrik Schoonmaker Zara Jacob Rutsz, junior
Heyltjen Dekkers 1/15/1716 Zara Rutsz

Johannes Rosencrans

1793 Hendrick Rosenkrans Johannes Johannes Vredenburgh
Antje Vredenberg 18 Sep 1709 Johanna de La Montangne

Source: Baptismal & Marriage Records of the Old Dutch Church, Kingston NY

219. Benjamin Schoonmaker

#2627 Hendrik Schoonmaker Benjamin Benjamin Dubois
Heyltjen Dekker 1/11/1719 Zara Dubois

36. Jan Gerretsen Decker

From Forrest Glade Orndorff

Jan was in the Ulster County Militia 1715

Jan and Barbara moved to near Romney, Hampshire County, WV and had a son John, baptized , 1719, in Hampshire County(Elinor Randlemon, OURS-THEN AND NOW, pp 62-64)

Served during the Revolutionary War in the Associators and Militia of York County, Pennsylvania. In 1780, Jan was a Private 7th Class in Captain George Gieslman's company,and from August 24, 1782 until October 24, 1782, he served under Captain Thomas Clingan. Jan took an oath of fidelity to the new American Republic in 1778, when he was listed as a"Surveyor of Roads." He was remarkably old (68-70) when he served in the militia.

After the Revolution, Jan and his family moved to Indiana

Jan Garretse DECKER, bapt. 1688, son of Gerrit Jans and Margrietje DECKER, married first, ca. 1711, to Barbara DeWITT, who was baptized in Kingston in 1692. They moved to near Romney, Hampshire County, Western Virginia and had a son John DECKER, baptized, 1719, in Hampshire Co., Va, married, ca.1739, Blandina KUYKENDALL.
Elinor Randlemon, OURS - THEN AND NOW, pp.62-64.

#581 Gerith Decker Jan Jan Gerithse Decker
Grithje Decker 7/28/1688 Jacob Janse Decker

Barber Janse de Witt

Barbara De Witt (sp. of Jan Gerretsen) and Tjerck De Witt (sp. of Ariantje) appear to be first cousins. Common ancestor Tjerck Clausen DeWitt m. Barbara Andriesson?

Mentioned in will of father, Jan DeWitt, dated 29 Oct 1700 (Source: Ulster Co. N.Y. Probate Records, Anjou, 1906):

p. 118
DeWitt, Jan, of Mombacckus (Rochester)
Book of Deeds IV. (DD), Marked 1728-1745, p. 251

Will dated Oct. 29, 1700, and written in Dutch.

"Van Lychaam kranck de Betten Leggende" (sick and lying in bed). - "Aan myn huysvrouw Wyntje De Witt (to wife W. de W.) on half of the estate, the other half to "myn vier kindere by Name (my four children by name) Barber De Wyt, Eycken De Wyt, Blandine De Wyt, Ragel De Wyt" of "huys Landt paerde Beeste Gelt" (land, horses, cattle, money). - "Einegen van myn kinderen in haren Onmondige Jaren Mocte Come Te Sterve" (if any of my children should die during their minority) share of deceased shall be divided among the survivors. - "Myn Broeder (brother) Anderis De Witt & Cornelis Swyf" appointed executers.

Jan De Wyt (his mark).

Witnessed by Anderes De Wiedt, Cornelis Swyt, and Jacob De Wyt.

Mr. Moses Du Puis and Mr. Cornelis Switts appeared before the Court, April 12, 1715, proving the will.

(Son of Tjerck Claessen De Witt, q.v. Had issue: i. Barbara, bt. April 17, 1692, m., Jan Gerritse Decker, bt. July 28, 1688, s. of Gerrit Janse D. and Magdalena; ii. Ikee, bt. June 3, 1694; iii. Blandina, bt. Apr. 12, 1696, m., Oct. 24, 1719, Jurian Westphael, bt. Sept. 27, 1698, s. of Simon W. and Neeltje Quackenbos; iv. Rachel, bt. Aug. 23, 1698, m., Apr. 15, 1723, Isaac Van Aken; v. Jannetje, bt. July 13, 1701, m. Abraham Van Aken).

1692 Apr 17; Jan de Wit, Wyntje Kierstede; Barbar; Cornelis Swits, Barbar de Wit

Baptismal & Marriage Records of the Kingston Reformed Dutch Church 1660-1809

225. Elisabeth Decker

#3241 Jan Dekker, junior Elisabeth Ysaak Van Aken
Barber de Wit 8/23/1724 Rachel de Wit

Daniel Du Puis



226. Lucas Decker

From Forrest Glade Orndorff

Luke was said to have been killed by Indians about 1757 REf.Kuykendall families of america. and From: Tim M. Thompson, 113Normandy Dr., Belleville, IL 62223

Hampshire Co., WV:
2/14/1758 Luke Decker inventory
2/17/1761 Luke Decker Sale
4/15/1761 Luke Decker Inventory

Hampshire County Court

#3643 Jan Dekker Lucas Ary Oosterhout
Barbara de Wit 8/27/1727 Engeltjen Oosterhout

Notes Bp'd in Raysester (Rochester)

Sarah Unknown


227. Tobias Decker

From Forrest Glade Orndorff

From: Now and Long Ago written by Lough Indiana 1969:
"On Decker's Creek (In Monongalia Co., WV) came, in April 1758, Tobias Decker, wife and children; Tobias's two brother's Garrett and John, their wives and children; The Decker's brother-in-law, William Zern, wife and children; Garrett Decker's son-in-law, Richard Falls, wife and son; The Thorn brothers: Tobias, Henry, & Lazarus, their wives and children and their stepmother and her son, Michael, aged about 2 years; their brother-in-law, William Westfall, his brother, Abel, their wives and children; Reuben Cox and his 10 year old son, George Cox; a single man, John Statler.

On the afternoon of Oct 16, 1759 the settlement was attacked by about 30 Delaware Indians who murdered 8 persons, killed the livestock, burned the cabins and destroyed the crops. They captured Abel Westfall, took him to Fort Duquesne then to an Indian town in Ohio. 39 men & women were away from the settlement at the time. Those killed were Tobias Decker, his wife and two children; William Zern and wife; Abel Westfall's wife and son."

Note by Verla Pinkerton; On Sep 8, 1778 a Tobias Decker was witness to a deed in Yohogania Co., Virgina.

37. Margarit Decker

#879 Gerrit Decker Margarit Cornelius Janssen Decker
Grietje Deckers 12/1/1695 Elsje ten Broek

Cornelis and Eltje were the brother and sister-in-law of Margaret's mother Margaret (Grietje) Jans Decker d/o Jan Broersen Decker . Parents, Gerrit Decker and Grietje Decker.

229. Dirk Quick

#2232 Thomas Kwik Dirk Anthony Westbroek
Grietjen Dekkers 6/20/1714 Orseltjen Westbroek

230. Jacobus Quick

#2371 Thomas Kwik Jacobus Jan Van Kampen, senior
Grietjen Dekkers 1/22/1716 Tietjen Dekkers

232. Elisabeth Quick

#2969 Thomas Kwik Elisabeth Kryn Oosterhoud, junior
Grietjen Dekker 1/28/1722 Neeltjen Van Aaken

233. Benjamin Quick

#3271 Thomas Kwik Benjamin Hendrik Kortregt
Grietjen Dekker 10/18/1724 Appelony Kortregt

236. Catharina Quick

#4225 Thomas Quik Catharina Bil Crook
Grietje Dekkers 7/4/1733 Helena Brink
Notes Bp'd in Menissing (Minisink)

237. Thomas Quick

There are many stories on this Thomas Quick, "The Indian Slayer," on the Legends of Shawangunk website at

Source: 250th Celebration, Newburgh, NY, 1709-1959, July 5 thru July 12
350th Hudson-Champlain Celebration, 1609-1959
Newburgh, NY: Moore Print Co., 1959
Page 12: Tom Quick -- Indian Slayer

Read before the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands, March 7th, 1904.
By Theo. D. Schoonmaker, Esq., of Goshen NY.

238. Aen Quick

#4624 Thomas Quik Aen Jacobus Kottebek
Grietje Dekker 5/19/1736 Antje Roskrans
Notes Bp'd in Menissing (Minisink)