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Johannes Decker House - Shawangunk, Ulster Co., New York

These pictures were found on the Library of Congress - American Memory website.

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Johannes Decker House

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The architectural data form describes this home as the Johannes Decker House, located near Shawangunk, Ulster Co., New York.

The location of the home is listed as SW of Gardiner on Red Hill Road and Shawangunk Kill.

Original House built 1720 with additions through 1787.

The document further states that "The property was originally owned by Cornelius and Elsie Ten Broeck Decker.  Tradition states that they built a log house on the site which was followed by the stone house built by Johannes Decker.  The property passed to Decker's sons, Cornelius, John Depuy & Johannes.  The heirs of John Depuy Decker sold the house to Edward B. Edwards in 1925."

This is the home that was listed in the book "Dutch Houses in the Hudson Valley Before 1776," by Helen Wilkinson Reynolds, 1929, The Holland Society, New York; pages 189-190, listed in the Stories section of this site.  The home still exists, as I found it on my trip to New York in January 2002.

Johannes Decker Barn

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Johannes Decker - Coach House

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Johannes Decker - Ice House

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March 8, 2005